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5/24/14 2:37 A

I am a fan of (okay, okay, an ADDICT of) water exercise - so much less stress on the joints and when balance and stability are shaky, falling is less likely to hurt when you are in the water. Many of those in the water classes I take have had replacement knees and hips, some don't like the water much and don't swim, but they have found that the water exercises increases stability and balance on land as well as in the water. If getting in and out of the water presents problems, many pools have lifts to lower you into the water so you don't even have to do the stairs. I love my water exercise and can spend HOURS in the water moving freely while much SHORTER times on land doing half as much. I use my cane and when I get to the steps, use the railing to support me - once in the water I think I can do anything - I also experience a LOT less pain than before.

With love and caring from Nancy ... wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed, and precious day.

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I'd give advice but I think it's been covered. lol

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5/23/14 10:53 P

Thanks for your responses to my post. I will be using all suggestions given to some type of use.

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5/22/14 3:40 P

There are exercises you can do seated. I had to research this when I had foot surgery. Either search seated exercise in the "search bar" or go to the fitness video library and look there. Good luck!


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5/22/14 1:41 A

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You have chosen to embark on a great journey to health and fitness and you'll make some great new Spark Friends along the way!
And it's easy if you follow these guidelines...
*Drink your emoticon
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*Get in an extra 10 minutes of dancing emoticon
*Get plenty of emoticon
*Believe that you are worth it emoticon
* Keep walking emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

You are not alone on this journey. We do not stand in front or behind but beside each other. You can do this. Don't get down if you make a mistake but get back up and do it again and again until you get it right. It will happen. Maybe not today or even tomorrow but you will do it if you believe in yourself. Find that strength deep inside and bring it out. Don't jump into a decision to quit and then regret it. Even a small victory is a step ahead.

Can you still walk with your walker? That's what I did after my surgery. Just kept building up strength. Swimming is also easier on the joints and walking in the pool helps and most pools have water aerobics classes that are fairly inexpensive. I also invested about 20 bucks in a stability ball and used it for stretching. There are several videos here on SP for chair exercises that might be of interest to you.

The best cure for stressing is to count your blessings...and a long walk won't hurt either!

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5/21/14 11:18 P

HI, I am New to Spark and the message board. I have had two knee replacements an my balance is SHOT. My exercise of choice was walking but since my replacements, I am unable to walk without a cane/walker. The insurance company says I have had enough PT and can do the rest on my own. HELP ANY SUGGESTIONS??

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