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Baking without eating it all!!

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5/21/13 6:38 P

Plan a treat for yourself when the week is over (or a small daily treat). I'm not as tempted when I know I have a treat coming!

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Posts: 10
5/21/13 6:19 P

Thanks everybody...there are some great tips here...specially like chewing gum, eating a good meal before and keeping the bowl of soapy water on hand!! That way the temptations are just not available if I get rid of them quickly!! It is not that I HAVE to taste it. I do know it already tastes good...that is the's a complete mental thing!!! Thanks so much for the can guarantee I will have your lists out when I am frosting in the upcoming days!

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5/21/13 3:18 P

I realized this weekened that I can't bake something and not eat it. I just do not have the will power sometimes to say no to myself... or that delicious muffin! So, there will be no more baking in my house for awhile! emoticon

Posts: 1,108
5/21/13 11:18 A

Sometimes I feel like baking brownies without any substitutions. But I always keep the size bite sized and I calculate the nutritional info using the calculator on this website. Then i calculate the number of steps/push-ups/crunches or minutes of exercise I would have to do to burn of those calories. And yes, when I eat a piece of brownie I make sure to complete the required exercise to burn those calories. My version of guilt-free eating!!!

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5/20/13 3:25 P

I just avoid the issue altogether and use powdered sugar and cutouts to decorate cakes (I do mostly bundt cakes anyway).

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5/20/13 3:22 P

Great tips, TENYEARSDOWN! What helps me is to just not get started on it. Also, eat a good meal before you start

Posts: 1,344
5/20/13 1:32 P

One thing that might help you is to remember that you already know what your frosting tastes like. You don't need a reminder :)

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Posts: 43
5/20/13 1:24 P

Here's my recommendations (these come from lots of experience)
1. food prep gloves
2. chewing gum
3. line your work area with wax paper so everything gets neatly thrown away quickly
4. keep a large bowl of hot water with dish liquid right next to you for all tips and knives
5. keep a lint free towel on your person for immediately wiping hands
6. place a large bowl on your workspace for cake scrap, especially if you do carved cakes.

Best wishes, and keep on cakin'!

Posts: 2,667
5/20/13 6:40 A

is there a reason you NEED to taste it?
If it's a tried and true recipe, that you've always made - you KNOW how it tastes, and should not need to sample to make sure it's OK (or whatever reason you're using)

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5/20/13 2:40 A

I love baking too. On positive side - i only like to bake. Eating part does not bother me.
May be try to make less frosting, just enough for a cake? Before you start baking - tell yourself that you are strong. There is no way you will not be trying cream as you have to make sure it taste ok. May be using a little spoon can help?

Good luck!

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Posts: 10
5/19/13 6:16 P

I like to make cakes and have a few birthday and graduation cakes to make this week for family. How do you get thru it without eating all that amazing frosting? Who knew crisco, butter and powder sugar could taste like heaven!! But seriously, this is the frosting that I want to use on the cake and I don't want to give up cake decorating, but it is so hard to get thru decorating without indulging. And once I get a taste it is over. I find it easier to not any at all! Suggestions? Motivation?

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