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7/28/13 3:41 P

I did the recipe calculator but it didn't exactly say how much for each serving size. I figured it would be what most recipes are saying nutrition wise..

This is my first sunday I believe tracking and eating proper.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/28/13 3:29 P

Can you put how much of everything she's using in to the recipe calculator, and then calculate the number of servings?

Another option (which I do when someone else prepares my food and I can't measure on the front end), measure what goes on my plate (so an ACTUAL cup, not "about" a cup) and then try to guesstimate how much of that is Hunt's sauce, cheese, pasta, etc. Generally in that type of meal a serving will be mostly pasta, then meat, then cheese, with sauce being the least of what's on your plate. Of course each cook is different and only you know what's on your plate tonight.

THECLASSICKAT SparkPoints: (11,711)
Fitness Minutes: (11,250)
Posts: 282
7/28/13 3:21 P

My mom is making baked ziti tonight with

Sargento finely shredded cheese ( almost 8 oz)
Hunts meat sauce
93% lean ground beef
Whole wheat penne

I'm not sure how many carbs and calories and the trackers show alot of options some almost the same with the 26-29 carb range and 200 something calories and It's for about 1 cup I'm not sure what to do..

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