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7/12/13 10:12 P

I agree that depression may be more to play over a longer period of time than you may realize. You mention that you miss your Mum and Sister who you haven't seen for years. Is there some way that you CAN see them? There are many other causes for depression, too, including medical conditions, and sometimes there doesn't really NEED to be a cause - it happens.

I think you would be best to make an appointment with your Dr and talk to him/her about what is going on. It may be that you would benefit from some Therapy. Sometimes we suffer grief for a myriad of reasons, and not seeing family for a long time is one of those reasons.

It wouldn't hurt to get your knee checked out while you are there. Most of weight-loss doesn't come from exercise, per se, but rather what we eat, and how much. I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker and note that altho' you have calories entered, you often don't have the nutrients (cereal, meat etc.) Sometimes how you feel is exacerbated by inadequate nutrition, as in healthy fats, plenty of leafy greens etc.

I will also add that because of skeletal issues I don't get anywhere near the amount of exercise that is recommended, but I have still managed to reach my goal, and have been maintaining for nearly 3 years. My exercise is mainly walking IN MY OWN HOME, putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time. Just as well I like laundry :-) I fold it one end of the house, and most goes to the other end...... and it isn't a big house - only just over 1,000 square feet! The beauty of this method is that I am able to sit when my back or hips start to get painful, without having to walk anywhere. You don't have to do a 1/2 hr walk in one hit - they can be broken up, but while your knee is causing problems, perhaps you might like to look at the chair exercises. There are many you can do that will get the heart pumping and burn calories :-)

Take care,

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7/12/13 10:06 P

Thanks, You made me feel alot better. Now I don't feel so alone.

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7/12/13 9:38 P

Michelle, I wonder if the depression you've been feeling this past week has been going on for longer than that time. Exercise is so important, but for me, it was mostly what I ate that put weight on me. I had to start tracking everything I ate in order to start losing consistently, and that's what helped me get - and keep - the weight off. It's been such a small price to pay to feel so much better.

It sounds like you might do well to examine this depression more closely, maybe even with some assistance from a counselor, especially since you say you haven't been able to see your mom and sister in years and think that might be adding to your depression. It may well be that once you're able to lose more weight, much of that pain in your left knee could subside, depending on what's going on with it (you might want to check with your doctor to look into that).

Taking a closer look at these different factors might be a great place for you to start being much kinder to yourself - you deserve it!

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7/12/13 5:55 P

Hi Coastal6,

If I have learned one thing, it is not to let one bad day/week/whatever ruin all the hard work you've put in so far. I have done this SO many times- maybe you have to. Be good to yourself-- maybe call a friend or see a movie or go to the hot tub-- whatever non-caloric thing you can do to feel a bit better, even though it can't replace being with your family. :-)

Then start again tomorrow. You aren't alone here! SP is full of people with similar struggles and hurts. Hang in there!

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7/12/13 5:25 P

I was doing really well losing weight, but then my left knee starting to act up again and i'm not able to walk as much as i want too, and so it's made me depressed alot this week. I wish i can give up on myself. I don't know whats wrong with me. Before in the past i would pick myself and start new and everyday i'm trying, nothing seems to work! Right now i'm my worst enemy and i'm not kind to myself. Whats worst i'm missing my mom and sister that i havent seen in years and that's me depressed also. I feel so alone in this journey-in a rut, need help!

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