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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,802
6/3/13 9:16 A

I was so, looking forward to walking before 6 o'clock this morning, it was emoticon . Hopefully it will stop soon and I will be able to get out and enjoy nature.

Progress may be slow, but it happens!
No such thing as last place only finishers.
TALKIEBARB Posts: 6,357
6/1/13 12:15 P

emoticon I stay in and do a Walk Away the Pounds" DVD with DH, we walk together outside when the weather is ok, doesn't have to be perfect.

Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.

PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,753
6/1/13 11:10 A

heavy rain, cold, grey - bleh

MNNICE Posts: 14,528
6/1/13 10:57 A

Yes, not to mention the cold, rainy, windy, dreary weather seems to have zapped my motivation!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 62,276
5/31/13 7:08 A

We have to much emoticon here during storms so I'd stay inside.

GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (164,002)
Fitness Minutes: (130,416)
Posts: 6,546
5/31/13 2:56 A

Rochester Hill's MI had 4 severe t-storm's yesterday but I saw a few walking & running

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