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2/22/13 8:54 P

Like the previous poster, something that helped me was to eliminate the junk I have in the house. I have a bowl of fruit on the table because I'd much rather snack on a kiwi or a clementine than a bag of chips.

I also make the decision to figure out if I really am hungry or not. Today I didn't have to work so I was stuck in the house since it snowed all day, in this event I usually want to snack all day. So instead when I thought I wanted something to eat I would give myself 30 minutes. I would get on the internet or watch a show on netflix, whatever, but after 30 minutes was up, if I was still hungry I ate. If not, well then I wasn't really hungry right!?


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2/22/13 8:44 P

One thing I realized was that every time I opened the fridge or went passed the "snack basket" I had to grab a bit of something whether or not I needed it. I changed this by putting any junk food or treats out of sight and putting a bowl of fruit in plain sight. Also when I open the fridge the first thing I see is a container of mushrooms and a bag of grapes within plain sight. So if I do feel the need to grab a bite, at least it is a bite of something nutritious.

Also, you say you were in the house all day. Do u think u were eating a lot because you were bored (even though I see you say you were with the kids). Lots of us have a tendency to do this too. I have become an extreme multitasker and for some reason that makes me feel like even when I'm on the phone, watching tv, texting, and blogging all at once, I can still have the urge to snack on something simultaneously. The best advice I can offer for this one is to keep your hands busy. I find it impossible to watch tv and do nothing else so I used to watch tv and eat as a bad habit. Now I try to blog simultaneously, or knit, or even play games on my iPad. Get something in your hands, and then you can even chew on gum too to satisfy the "I'm an American and I need to be doing approximately five thousand things at once or something's wrong with my life" urge. :) I certainly feel like I sometimes have this subconsciously going on and it can mess with your eating habits a bit, dunno if all of this applies to you but hope some might give you some insight!! Good luck!

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Something that helped me was to track EVERYthing that went into my mouth. When it's there in black and white you have a better idea of what is really happening. Scared me.

I understand all about being home with little ones; I feel for you. My children are grown. But looking back those were some of the happiest days. Find something fun to do with them. Like build of fort with blankets and chairs and involve them in healthy snacks.


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2/22/13 8:21 P

I have been in the house with four kids for the past few days and have been eating every THING . How do you forgive yourself and get back in track I have had this issue to many times and one mistake leads to another and I am out of control How do I Change this?

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