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Bad day of eating

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SparkPoints: (72,188)
Fitness Minutes: (66,276)
Posts: 3,750
8/17/13 10:15 P

I messed up today as we'll, looking forward to a new positive day tomorrow.

SparkPoints: (48,802)
Fitness Minutes: (14,984)
Posts: 1,940
8/17/13 8:30 P

Today was a bad day for me a lot of emotional eating. I will have to start fresh tomorrow.

Posts: 5,849
8/17/13 7:19 P

We all have our bad day of eating as long as we don't let them turn into bad dayS or bad weekS.... don't beat yourself up and we're here to support one another glad you feel comfy sharing

Posts: 662
8/17/13 10:09 A

One day at a time or one meal at a's a lifestyle change and when things don't seem to be going right.....turn and go left!
Love Kitty emoticon

SparkPoints: (55,782)
Fitness Minutes: (27,928)
Posts: 2,002
8/16/13 9:03 A

I've been having a bad MONTH of eating. *sigh*

Posts: 1,523
8/16/13 8:00 A

It takes practice to resist old habits and substitute new ones. If you keep recording and analyzing your tracker for weak spots, you'll be able to succeed in changing your habits. You can do it!

SparkPoints: (47,469)
Fitness Minutes: (30,072)
Posts: 3,297
8/16/13 7:08 A

I had a bad day too - it was the chocolates somebody sent me! (Apart from that I ate quite healthily!) But looking back over the week I had more good days than bad days so, even if the scales aren't showing the difference I know that during the last week I was going the right way.

And your week will show that you're going the right way. It may or may not show on the scales in the first week or so but you will soon start to see the difference and that will motivate you to do even better.

Have you tried tracking other nutrients like calcium, iron, fibre etc? I often put another nutrient or two in just for a few weeks so I can see if I need to be adding different foods to my diet. Hope today goes better for you. Hang on in there because I think you're doing well.

Posts: 31
8/16/13 2:26 A

Thanks! I have been tracking my food for about a week now and that is why I think I am more aware of what I am eating. Thanks for that good advice..

SparkPoints: (29,370)
Fitness Minutes: (25,619)
Posts: 1,669
8/16/13 12:51 A

Don't beat yourself up over a bad day or a bad meal. Just being aware that your choices weren't so great is progress. Work on doing better with the next meal.

Try tracking your food and think about what you could have substituted with a healthier choice. Then try to set yourself up for success by having those healthier choices prepped and ready for tomorrow.

Good luck with tomorrow.

Posts: 31
8/16/13 12:29 A

today has not been such a good day for me today nutrition wise. I seem to be a little more aware for the not so good stuff but I haven't quite mastered that resisting part of it yet. I really like that I can share all of my feeling here with all of you I thing that is really helping me, so thanks for that!! emoticon

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