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HUNGRYWOMAN2 Posts: 14,668
7/9/13 3:24 P

Thank you for the suggestions. I will definitely look into some of those things. The reminder of increasing exercises on the one side is something I sometimes overlook.
I hope you find things which work well for you. I understand that back and spine difficulties can be very problematic.
Best wishes.

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
7/8/13 11:39 P

Thanks Coach Jen thats what I was thinking but just thought it would be good to check with the experts here. I was afraid it might throw off how I was losing weight by changing up. I do Cardio Strength Toning Strength Cardio and rest, usually speaking.

CHOCOLATECHAI you are right, I do know I want to do that when I am able, but I am on government insurance and am limited as to how many visits I have in a round and my round is finished for no so no access to one. I don't have pilates equipment although I here its good stuff but am limited to seated exercising as I am mobility impaired. Still I would be interested in what kind of knee strengthening exercises you were given. Strengthening muscles around joints is always a good thing for people coping with OA.

HUNGRYWOMAN2 I can really empathize with the other arm compensting. I have my lower left leg amputated and my right always takes the main stress on it. I have to work the left side more so that the thigh and hip muscles will do more of their own work.
Have you seen the Senior Chair Exercise videos on You Tube by Ann Burnell? She is very expert and uses very gentle movements. Its good you are checking with your professional first. I have to check with my primary doctor before I start any new type of exercise with the joint pain and the stress/pain from my right spine and hip. If you want to stay good in Cardio without moving your arms you could do the Turbo Chair Dancing with Paul Eugene or his Latin Chair Dancing Salsa and just move your legs and your good arm, but again you are smart to check it with your doctor before trying it.

HUNGRYWOMAN2 Posts: 14,668
7/8/13 5:53 P

I have some difficulty with what is believed to be a muscle and a joint in my right arm. It is suggested I seek physical therapy. As the other side is using more effort to compensate it is somewhat stressed. Finding it difficult to strength train in the meantime. I do have some senior chair exercises which I think will be beneficial, but I am waiting to see what the healthcare professionals have to say.

7/8/13 4:21 P

i'm sure you know this, but you should talk with your physical therapist. he or she can advise you specifically about your personal goals, dealing with your arthrists, and options you might have for your leg.

I know that mine gave me some odd exercises that looked so simple, but were really quite hard - to strenthen my knees. it's amazing they positions they can come up with, especially if you have access to pilate type equipment.

good luck!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,274
7/8/13 3:44 P

I think you need to do what works best for you, so if you need to switch up your days based on how you're feeling, that's okay.

Coach Jen

TEACHDIANN78 SparkPoints: (11,006)
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7/8/13 3:43 P

I switch up my days sometimes. Good for you for wanting to push through the pain!!

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
7/8/13 2:36 P

I have Osteoarthritis and some days I can barely move it hurts so much. I am an amputee (lower left leg below the knee) and am mobility impaired so do most of my workout in seated.
I can only stand for about 3 to 4 minutes before my right leg gives out. My question is if I am having a Bad Pain Day and am scheduled to do Strength training then is it okay to switch and do cardio dance or aerobics and stretching instead. I only use light dumbells but even lifting them up causes me to tremble and make a sound of pain. And advice would be appreciated

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