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11/18/11 7:53 P

We all can do much more than what we are giving ourselves credit for. Good luck for your run!

SparkPoints: (77,848)
Fitness Minutes: (75,719)
Posts: 4,868
11/18/11 7:23 P

So funny! I did the same thing, only it was 4 miles!


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11/18/11 1:42 P


Posts: 11,144
11/18/11 8:52 A


Posts: 3,650
11/12/11 10:02 P

Excellent endurance! And next, carry a GPS with you (LOL!).

Posts: 1,664
11/12/11 9:27 P


SparkPoints: (40,000)
Fitness Minutes: (23,961)
Posts: 779
11/12/11 8:11 P

WOW - 5 miles that is awesome !!

SparkPoints: (28,860)
Fitness Minutes: (28,156)
Posts: 1,979
11/12/11 6:49 P

That's GOOD news!! I bet your wife was happily surprised.
Congrats and good luck at the 5K!

SparkPoints: (35,448)
Fitness Minutes: (35,918)
Posts: 1,278
11/12/11 6:16 P

Congrats! 5 miles is very impressive!

SparkPoints: (5,520)
Fitness Minutes: (3,390)
Posts: 33
11/12/11 5:39 P

The bad news is that while I thought I was good at directions I found out today that while running I am pretty poor at them. I went running with a plan to match my longest run ever and go 4 miles. My wife and I are running a 5k in a couple weeks and she has been so nervous about it. I was going to show her that she is able to run 4 miles and that a 5k (3.1 miles) should not be a big deal so don't worry.

So I take a wrong turn about 2 miles in and realized about a half mile later so I thought I would just make and adjustment to my route (you know call on my inner Tom Tom) Next thing I know I am finishing up and can't believe how bad I am slowing down at the end and feeling the burn.

Finally take the time to look at my tracker and realize that I had actually run 5.01 miles.

So I guess the bad news isn't that bad - I have a poor sense of direction.

The good news, on the other hand, is that both my wife and I were able to run a full 5 miles today without stopping or falling over dead. Should mean a 5k is very doable even if I push myself to get a decent time!!!!!

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