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ASHAIXIM Posts: 2,616
10/12/12 11:48 A

I've had "smuck" (sinus infection with post nasal drip causing check congestion and of course the attendant headache) since about 7 weeks ago. I take antibiotics for 2 weeks because my immune system stinks, and I'm on my 2nd ROUND of 2 weeks!! I most certainly empathize!! :) emoticon emoticon emoticon (chicken soup) :)

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,213
10/12/12 8:47 A

Have some Chicken soup..... it really works

Also try Swanson Chicken Ala King in a can...heat in microwave for 1 minute...dip in two slices of toasted rye toast....high in fat....but this has always made me feel better...ny mother gave this to me whenever I was ill and it works.....let your son dip too! Kids love to dip

Take 1,000MG of Vitamin C in the morning and at night


MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,097)
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10/12/12 7:36 A

I understand the guilty feelings. I hope you feel better soon.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (243,564)
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10/11/12 10:45 P

I am wondering if rather than pushing yourself while you aren't feeling the best, if you would not benefit more by just doing a few minutes gentle walking and not expending your energy other than focusing on getting well. Your body generally needs extra energy at unwellness times. IF the problem is below the neck, then probably not exercising at all but focusing on getting well would be better. I am wondering if your 5yr old was cranky because perhaps HE may be coming down with it too??

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, and remember - don't go beating yourself up!


ANGELWENDYMAMA SparkPoints: (54,300)
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10/11/12 10:40 P

Having trouble staying focused and feeling like exercising because I have a bad head cold. Yuck!!
I did get up and walked today before work.. and then in the evening again I walked a full mile with my dog and cranky 5 year old son. I just finished 23 min. dancing and a little strength training. BUT.. yesterday NOTHING.. Just have to pick up and move on and do what I can.. not beat myself up about yesterday, right?

I wonder if any of the rest of you have a bad cold right now? Come empathize with me. :)

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