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10/19/13 8:10 P

Yes, the menus are computer generated...I think you just got a "bacon week".


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10/19/13 5:19 P

My nutrition tracker says that I'm on the Heart Healthy program. I went into the settings and the high cholesterol box is checked off. Yet, bacon was on the menu 3 times this week, once next week and not at all on the following week. I wonder if meal plans are randomly generated and if this was perhaps just the luck of the draw.

10/19/13 4:35 P

Do check that you are on the heart healthy center:

I just signed up for the heart health and high blood pressure---and "bacon" did not appear on my meal plans at all for the 2 weeks that I checked.


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10/19/13 2:28 P

Thanks for the reply. I've been on a low cholesterol diet for years and am on the SP heart healthy program. I had previously been told by a dietician that bacon should only be eaten occasionally, that's why I was puzzled that it was on the heart healthy meal plan several times this week. I agree, in the end it's all about making the right choices, being in the healthy nutrient ranges and not feeling hungry.

10/19/13 1:50 P

Within a healthy diet---"all" foods can fit, even bacon.
At the end of the day, the week, the month---it is about being within one's healthy nutrient ranges.

I assume you are using our SP traditional program??? We also have meal plans for better diabetes control and also one for heart health. Perhaps the heart healthy program would better meet your needs? Or as you already know, you can make substitutions or design your own meal plans.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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10/19/13 1:18 P

Dietary cholesterol doesn't necessarily affect body cholesterol... more important is your Vitamin D intake and fiber consumption, from everything I have read over many many years of study!

I am sure that a little bit of bacon now and then will keep you full and happy and isn't something to worry about too much just because it's a higher-fat meat. I am not convinced that it's any less "nutritional" than other meats, either. It's fat and protein. All meat is fat and protein. Fat increases satiety and allows you to absorb vitamins much better. It oughtn't be demonized!

But if you prefer to eat something leaner, then switch it out! Nothing in the plans is set in stone. They are helpful for folks who don't want to or know how to plan their own meals, to get an idea of what a healthy diet actually looks like.

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10/19/13 1:11 P

I joined SparkPeople about a week ago. I'm on a low cholesterol diet, yet on several occasions this week my recommended meal plans included bacon. I've seen chicken and fish, which I expected, but have not seen yet seen even one portion of a lean red meat. I realize that I can substitute for other foods, which I have done. However it seems odd to me that it's recommended that I eat small portions of a high fat meat with low nutritional value rather than small portions of a lean red meat with a better nutritional value. What's the reasoning behind this?

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