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12/11/11 1:57 P

welcome back.
just go to the gym & decide for yourself. there is staff that are willing to help

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12/11/11 1:33 P

Hello. After too long of a break from exercising at the gym, I am now making more of an effort to restart my exercise program. I did lose between 10-12 lbs; but I fell off doing my workouts at the gym. It wasn't that I didn't want to workout; but got too concerned about the trainers attitudes about having to help me with my workouts because I have some physical limitations.

Maybe someone here at SparkPeople would be willing to suggest a couple exercises for me to start out with while at the gym and hopefully I will get my motivation back. I'm more upset with myself than the trainers. I need to learn better ways to be able to manipulate my body so that exercising will benefit me. I do walk everyday; but I can tell that that is not enough in and of itself. Back in March of this year, I had started a Wellness program thru our local gym, then went on and paid for a Personal Trainer. It all helped me; but when I overheard the trainer say something to one of his co-workers that he was disappointed that my workout didn't go like he had hoped it would, I just seemed to allow myself to escape into a bad funk. Seeing that allowing myself to go that route is actually wrong for me healthwise, etc., I've decided to take one step at a time even if they seem like baby steps.

My issues with being 51 and stiff everyday is mostly what gets me down before I even get started with exercising. That is not an excuse. Just something I am trying to overcome.

Looking forward to hearing from others. Have a terrific week! emoticon

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