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5/28/12 2:04 P

You can do it! Find some spark friends who can keep you motivated. I'll be one! I need motivation and support too. I'd like to be where I was 10 yrs ago too. Then I'd like to be where I was 15 yrs ago. Let's get fit!

I'm Liz from Michigan. Eastern Time Zone.
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I have a Facebook page "Baby Steps To A Brand New Me".
Liz Springsteen is my Facebook name.
It's all about baby steps, friends!
RIKKI52 Posts: 112
5/28/12 1:09 P

This is my first day here, and I want to get to where I was 10 years ago. I didn't start out the decade badly at all. I weighed 125 and although I could have been fitter, I wasn't too bad. The last ten years have been hard on me, and I'm really ashamed of myself. I've lost all motivation to care about myself at all. I found Spark looking for free diet plans (every site I found wanted to charge me or sell me a book) and I'm so glad I did! I'll have to wait until June 1 to start fully (long situation is crazy right now), but I'm determined to be at my goal weight by 2013 and back to caring about how I look and feel.

Heading to Healthy One Day at a Time!
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