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7/6/13 5:06 P

roll the area with a tennis or golf ball while lying on your back on the floor, or standing at a wall.

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7/6/13 2:31 P

Thank you so much. Will do that. Tried Coach Nichols upper body stretches a little too. The knots still there and I'm hoping I haven't made it worse. Will rest as you said.

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7/6/13 2:09 P


Take it easy. Do you have an ice pack ? If so, put ice on it to see if that will help reduce some of the pain. Rest and ice are your two best options for the time being. don't do anything that will aggravate the condition.

See how your back feels tomorrow. If the knot is gone, that's great. but don't do anything strenuous. You risk making the injury worse than it already. is. If the pain/knot isn't gone, you should consider talking to your doctor.

Back injuries are very tricky and complicated. thus the need to be extra careful. Rest and ice for now. doctor in a day or two if it doesn't seem to improve.

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7/6/13 1:34 P

I was working out today, some circuit training, planks, side planks, etc and I've got this knot just beside my right scapula (those bones on the upper back). I've tried all kindsa stretches but the knotty pain's still there and it hurts a little every time i move my hands or back. Its not much, but i'm afraid that it might get worse later. Is there anything I can do??

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