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3/11/13 12:02 P

I find bumming around and staying seated all day (like I did on Saturday) is a huge trigger for my back. I have been doing some strength training using a physical therapy oriented machine (med-x) and it is making a world of difference so far in strengthening my back- and I'm only a month in. Definitely excited about the prospect of eliminating my pain!

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3/11/13 10:49 A

core strength actually never takes away my back pain. I hate my back. I cleaned my new apartment for 6 hours last night because we're moving in Wednesday, and I had to call in to work today because last night my right leg wouldn't cooperate due to low back and hip pain, and it is still hurting this morning and I can't walk around for 5 hours straight with this pain. It really sucks that I have to deal with this and all I want to do is be more active and LIVE.well.

That's okay, GORDOMOOSE, I needed this thread to vent in without creating my own thread and feeling even more lame than I do now.

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3/10/13 11:17 P

OP, it's good to state when you borrow someone's else's content ( and emoticon

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3/10/13 2:30 P

Core strength is the best way to prevent back pain or injury.

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3/9/13 12:25 P

You forgot just plain weakness -- I've always gotten a lot of pain and twinges in my lower back when just starting to walk again after a prolonged period being sedentary. I guess you could file it under overuse, but it's not the ordinary kind of overuse.

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3/9/13 2:35 A

Back pain is seriously the worst pain of human body. Some of the common causes of Back pains are:
•Driving for long periods without taking a break.
• Lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling incorrectly.
• Over Stretching.
• Overuse of the muscles like in sports.
• Twisting
• Being overweight
Understanding the cause of your back pain is the key to proper treatment because back pain is sometimes difficult to treat, a better understanding of the cause of pain condition will assist in pain recovery.

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