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JANNABANANA1964 SparkPoints: (1,450)
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2/4/14 7:44 P

We are human and we can all fall back. This is my second time here. I am working my way back again and I am finding the more active and present I am here-the better I am at staying on track with what I do each day on this journey.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (504,111)
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2/4/14 7:41 P

Good for you!!!!

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,137
2/3/14 9:20 A

emoticon emoticon Every time you fall off, just get back on track with the very next chance. Don't blow the whole day, or the whole weekend. It isn't about perfection, it's about continuing to work towards better choices

CJKARDELL SparkPoints: (9,559)
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2/3/14 8:50 A

Don't weigh in until Wednesday but this weekend was not a good stay on track weekend. Ugh!
This is not going to be an easy journey. Started back 1.12.14 but know this will take time. We all fall back don't we?
At least it was only the weekend and today is a new day.

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