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8/15/12 3:06 P

In PT for me, they used heat before the workout. I've heard that afterwards is better though.

8/15/12 3:03 P

Once in a while you can't avoid the muscle relaxants..but my doctor said it wasn't the best solution. He said heat was better. For some things I like ice too. Especially for sciatic pain.
For the heat? 20 minutes two or three times a day on a heating pad. You are so fortunate that you don't have any spinal problems.

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8/15/12 12:57 P

You may have poor core strength which can cause back pain. Try a Pilates regimen, classes are great if you have access to a gym. A lot better for you than muscle relaxers.

8/15/12 12:49 P

I will suggest investing in a foam roller, learn the various techniques with one and use it regularly.

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8/15/12 9:01 A

I have had xrays, MRI and some other stuff... the spine is fine and dandy :)

Thanks for the advice, I will contact my insurance company and see if they will pay for PT

I was also thinking about acupuncture, but I don't know if that will help or not

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8/15/12 8:24 A

Hi Cortney,

You may want to see another doc for a 2nd opinion to make sure the pain you are experiencing is from muscles and not an issue with your spine. Unfortuntately it's out of the scope of advice for any of us to offer specific advice regarding issues like this as we are not in a position to do a in-person fitness assessment to see what you can and cannot do. I do think that a physical therapist may be an option, too.

Coach Nancy

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8/15/12 8:07 A

Try yoga!

I know, it sounds weird. But the flexibility training you get through yoga will release tension in places you didn't know you had! A lot of times, when one thing hurts, the problem is actually somewhere ELSE in the body. Our whole body is connected.Yoga stretches hips, back, shoulders, neck... everything that you usually don't stretch.

I also have to ask: How's your core strength? A lot of posture and back issues can be traced to poor core strength.

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8/15/12 5:42 A

have you tried taking half the muscle relaxer instead of the full dose? Are you drinking plenty of water? and are stretching after exercise esp the back muscles? I used to have the same problem with my back muscles. The one thing about muscle relaxers is the release spasm and allow those muscles to heal. Maybe taking half the dose during the day or the full dose before least it will give the muscles some chance of recovery.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water too. As dehydration will cause muscles to go into spasm usually happens in the lower legs but everyone is different.

Stretching on a regular basis will help in the long run.

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8/15/12 12:11 A

Ask your doctor if physical therapy might help. My back was messed up after I had my last child and always very tense. The PT helped enormously with my problems.

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8/15/12 12:07 A

i use a mp3 for when i'm running on the treadmill

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8/14/12 11:51 P

the muscles in my back have a tendency to tense up and work themselves into huge balls of heat and pain.

I have seen the doctor (prescribed muscle relaxers which made me drool on myself)
I have seen the chiropractor (worked great for my hips and neck, but not much else)
I have went to a massage therapist (sorta helped, but the muscles were so tense that it hurt for her to touch me even lightly)

Any suggestions of what I can do, or another type of doctor or witch doctor I could visit? It is really starting to get annoying... and painful!

ps: I am sorry if this is on the wrong board, I wasn't sure who would have the best suggestions.

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