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welcome to the restart. I really like Norman Reedus (bow guy in Walking Dead) so what really motivated me was getting a pic with him at a ComiCon. Nothing like knowing you will have a last forever foto to keep you working out!!! Find something that you want and start working towards it. Set small goals and reward yourself!! Good Luck.

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11/22/13 12:54 A

It doesn't pay to stay in a worthless relationship. Do this ALL for you, and don't quit now.

I know this woman who went with a guy for six yrs in high school and college. Then she found he was cheating on her with her best friend. But, she was SO broken-up about it and couldn't do anything for four months, so her father made her leave and go down to South Florida to visit her sister. They went to a dance and she didn't like to dance so she told her sister she was going to stay outside. Well, she noticed a nice looking guy all by himself over by a sharp looking car and she went to say"Hello". He told her he didn't like to dance as he didn't drink, etc, but his brother was inside. they began to talk about having been in bad relationships and she found that this guy had ALL the things she wanted in a guy. Well, now they have been married 26 yrs. That guy she was SO torn up about has been married and divorced four times. So, truth is there is someone GREAT out there if you keep looking.

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11/20/13 2:09 P

So I haven't been active on this site for a really long time. I had did good and then I would lose motivation and stop. Earlier this year I had joined Weight Watchers at work and had lost 17 pounds with in 12 weeks. Then we had a break during the summer. By now I have gained all but 2 pounds back. What I notice in both cases is that I lose motivation and get lazy with the tracking which I know it work. So my goal this time is track my food and work out. When I feel like I am losing motivation find something or someone to get inspired. emoticon

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