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4/29/13 12:33 A

Glad ur back. My husband had his colon rupture in November and was in ICU for 3 days after his emergency surgery. He had a colostomy for 3 months then surgery to get it all back together again. So, I know it can be a lot.

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4/28/13 1:12 P

I am today committing to get back to tracking everything. I missed 4 months due to a medical trauma when a surgeon perforated my small intestines during a minor hernia surgery.
Suffice it to say - that has been and will continue to be a LONG road! Still have an open abdominal wound but am able to ride a recumbent bike and walk. I kept my A1C at 5!!!!!!!! through all of this so I didn't go crazy. So....going back to work tomorrow and today getting back to tracking on Spark People. I am reclaiming my life!

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