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11/24/13 6:58 A

Keep up the great work!

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11/23/13 1:27 P

That's wonderful! May I make a suggestion, though? Don't get too hung up on what the scale says. As you gain muscle, you will become thinner but heavier.

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11/23/13 10:01 A

Way to go!

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11/23/13 12:58 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/22/13 12:26 P

So for once I've actually stuck to eating healthier and working out. I go to the gym on occasion, but lately it's been home work outs and pilates for me. I'm a college student and I live with my three best friends - all three of which don't really care about healthy living. But recently my female roommate and I decided to go on a diet and lose the weight we've ever so crazily gained. We've had cheat days and I've still yet to break my soda addiction (cut down majorly) but I'm finally seeing results!
My clothes fit better. (I've been able to wear clothes I haven't fit in for almost a year now) and I finally weighed myself. I started off at about 198.5 being my highest weight, and I'm now down to 192. Ultimately I want to get to 150 (being the healthy weight for my height). I'm getting there, slowly. :)

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