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JSHARP1 Posts: 17
6/10/11 10:03 A

Thank you everyone for your comments. That is one of the things I love about this site, the instant feedback I get from all the great members! Thanks again!

6/9/11 7:43 P

Just to clarify. The calories you burn daily include your BMR (metabolism at a resting state) + the calories burned through daily activities and planned exercise + the calories to digest your food.

If your calorie intake for the day is 1000 less than the above amount...then in theory you will lose 1 pound in 3.5 days. 3500 calories = 1 pound

For most folks a 1000 calorie deficit puts them in a calorie range that is TOO low to maintain a healthy nutritional status. THEREFORE for most people 1/2 to 1 pound lost weekly is more appropriate.

dietitian Becky

6/9/11 6:49 P

I hope the dietitians read your post, as they are the experts and we are not. If you know you burn that much 1500 might be pretty low to be able to sustain and then our bodies rebel and don't lose weight or you might over eat after 2-3 days of the lower calorie diet. But yeah, lucky you if you burn that much. My BMR is 1470, emoticon

DENA1030 Posts: 376
6/9/11 5:42 P

In theory, yes. Other factors can effect weight loss though too so don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work out exactly as planned. Sodium, alcohol, exercise(lack of or increase in), stress, sleep, tons of things factor into it. I'm sure others can throw a few things in there. Continue the effort and over time the weight will come off. You have to think long term and the bigger picture of health. On the other hand, once I figured out the math, losing weight for me became fairly predictable, at least in the beginning. Best wishes!

JSHARP1 Posts: 17
6/9/11 3:08 P

Quick question regarding BMR. Am I correct in assuming that if I burn 2500 calories a day via BMR and I only consume 1500 calories that day, I'm negative 1,000 calories for that day? And if I did this for 4 days I theoretically should lose 1 pound?

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