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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
7/22/13 9:50 A

This article will walk you through how Spark calculates your needs.

You can use your Spark program to help you find what will work best to reach your goals. This link will walk you through how to change your calories burned goal to be sure your program is set correctly for what you are doing.

Coach Tanya

NIRERIN Posts: 14,131
7/22/13 8:17 A

for starters, your ticker shows you have only about 15lbs to lose. which means you need to be eating only about 250 cals less [tops] than what it takes to maintain your weight. how you want to create the deficit is up to you. if your bmr and your daily activities are included in that 1400-1550 number, then you can subtract about 200 and eat around 1200 on days you don't exercise. and then for the days you do exercise you would eat all of your exercise calories back by adding them to that 1200 cals to lose [so you'd eat about 1600 cals]. now the other way you could do this is take your bmr [again, i am assuming that you're using a spark bmr which includes daily activities. if you're not including that in you'll need to do so] and add your exercise calories to get that you expend about 1800-1900 cals. figuring that an under 250 cal a day deficit is where you should be, we can subtract about 200 cals a day and get that same eating at 1600 place. it basically just depends on if you want to think of making your calorie deficit come from your basic daily needs or if you want it to come exclusively from exercise. either way, with so little to lose, you need to be eating back most to nearly all of your exercise calories, whether you choose to think of it that way or not.

TMAGRINI Posts: 210
7/22/13 7:15 A

It is important to note that your BMR is the number of calories you need just to lay in bed all day-for basic body function. So waking up, eating, walking to your car, etc are not included.

I understand your worries about not eating back your exercise calories, but I would encourage you to use a TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) calculator to get a better understanding of how many calories you are burning daily on both sedentary days and on active days. Remember undereating will get you no where!!

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7/21/13 9:35 P

I've used several calculators online for guidelines as to how many calories I should eat per day. I usually end up with roughly 1400-1500, which is what I could need if I didn't move around all day. For the days I exercise, I would need to eat more obviously. My question is, how many calories do I need to eat if I burn around 400 calories exercising. I wouldn't want to eat the whole 400 calories back right, because then where is my calorie deficit needed for weight loss? I'm confused, please help!

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