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9/20/12 9:42 A

Okie dokie then. I'll try to remember to change it when I manage to get up to 4x/week cardio instead of 3. Other than the swimming day, the days I do cardio I also do strength.

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9/20/12 9:33 A

That's why, then; strength isn't a big calorie burner, and I don't think Sparkpeople includes it in its calculations. The calories burned is nominal, and difficult to estimate. The calorie ranges are primarily set off of your cardio burn, so that's likely why you didn't see a change in your calorie range.

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9/20/12 9:25 A

My goals were close but not the same. I changed it from 3x/week strength to 2x/week. The cardio didn't change much.

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9/20/12 9:20 A

this one? if you're changing your calories burned by 70 cals a week, that should only change your ranges by 10 cals a day.
if you have overly aggressive loss goals, then you may be at a place where nothing in the calories burned would change your ranges. at which point you need to adjust your loss goals so that the program can function properly. keep in mind that the 1200 base for women and 1500 for men is a nutrient floor. simply put, you can't get all the things you need in less without professional help. so if the math works out to below those numbers, you just get popped in the lowest ranges even if the math won't work out there.

ELOQUENTZ SparkPoints: (6,833)
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9/20/12 9:13 A

When I first signed up here, I went through all the goal setting stuff etc. I'm realizing that I was a bit optimistic in how much strength/cardio I could do this early (mainly because I'm still exhausted after losing my Dad, I was doing more before he died).

I just went and changed them to realistically what I'm doing right now in terms of exercise. I kind of thought my calories to eat would change a bit by doing that? Someone posted a link to I think an article that showed how the amount of calories to eat was calculated and I think it included the amount of exercise in my goal.

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