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A BMR of 1455 actually burns closer to 1745 on a non-workout day, when you're still doing a little bit of moving around, doing things like showering and dressing yourself, and walking around your home or office doing everyday activities. This is considered a sedentary lifestyle, one that doesn't include exercise but is more active than someone in a coma (whose caloric intake is used exclusively for basic anatomical functions like breathing).

Assuming you're burning about 300 calories per hour during your 6(ish) hours of exercise (and that's actually on the low side, depending on the intensity of your exercise), that adds another 257 calories to your daily allotment (ie 1800 calories divided by 7 days in a week). That means that you'll actually be burning more like 2000 calories per day, almost exactly. The math is never 100% perfect, but assuming your input/output measures are reasonably accurate, they work well for most people.

I would say to try it for a couple months. You might see a slight gain at the beginning as your body adjusts, but chances are it will balance out, abeit gradually. If you see yourself slowly gaining at that point, cut your calories just a tiny bit (or add another 10 minutes of daily exercise) and try that for another few months. Repeat until you find a routine that really works well for you.

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Your BMR doesn't include your exercise and daily activities; here's how SP calculates your nutrition ranges:

In order to gain weight, you'd have to eat OVER your BMR + daily activity + exercise calories.

I would also take biological impedance measurements with a grain of salt; they're not very accurate.

2 lbs is well within the range of normal weight fluctuation; 5 lbs either way is normal, and accounts for daily water weight changes.

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I had a bodyscan done using the machine where you stand on the metal and hold the handles and it runs a charge and measures body fat vs lean muscle mass. I improved in 6 months!!

But it said my BMR is 1455 kcal. I have been trying to keep my calories between 1200 and 1550 even since I started Spark. I am currently at 150--would like to settle at 145 but did declare "maintaining" on May 1 when I was sitting at 147. I am REALLY scared to up my calories--I'd see the 1455 as the lower end and would be SO SCARED that my weight would go back up.

I get about 4 hours per week at the gym for ST and some cardio. I also walk or do 30 Day Shred at least 4 times a week. I often get the red warning that my fitness/calorie burn is too much for my intake.

So--what do I do??

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