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10/7/13 3:17 P


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10/7/13 12:14 P


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10/7/13 12:01 P

Awesome, I am a little over 30 myself, so congrats!!

SHERYLDS Posts: 12,119
10/7/13 11:33 A

emoticon emoticon

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10/7/13 11:33 A

Hey, well done! You can do it. I got down to 29.97 just over a week ago. I was soooo excited to be overweight!! I've been on holiday for a week since then. The scales say I put on 7lb on holiday. (Yeah right, I'd have to eat 5000 calories a day to do that) Well, I didn't weigh today but I'm sure I'll be back to being overweight by the end of this week. About 3 of those extra pounds had dropped off by yesterday.) So, are you ready? I'll race you back to 29.97!

10/7/13 11:28 A

I am right on the precipice of no longer being "obese." I'm at a 30.1 BMI and the little triangle that marks me is right on the line. C'mon (or should I say "c'moff") few more pounds to push me over the line! So excited to simply be overweight! lol

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