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LARK37 Posts: 27
1/15/14 9:58 A

Glad I found this topic. I have lost 29 lbs. since I started using this website. I must say I love the site as its helped me keep track of what I'm actually eating and how much I'm burning off when I work out. I've been discouraged the last month or so, though, because my BMI is not much lower than it was before I lost the 29 lbs. I would like to lost 10-15 lbs more. I set my final weight goal a little higher than what is standard for my height on this site because I don't think frame size is taken into account here. I have a slightly larger frame than usual for someone who's only 5'4". I also tend to gain muscle easier than many women (a family tendency). According to the BMI calculator on this site, though, I would have to lose 20 to 25 lbs more to put my BMI at a level where its in the middle of the "healthy" range. I don't think I would look good if I lose more than another 15--maybe 20 lbs. I tend, like many women, to have more of a pear shape, and when my weight goes too low (below 130), I get really bony in my chest. I'm glad to read on this thread that the BMI calculator here isn't something I want to get too hung up on. Before I started focusing on the BMI, I was really proud of myself for losing the 29 lbs and being able to get through a Jillian Michaels workout DVD without feeling like I was dying. Thanks all--for making me feel better again!

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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1/3/14 8:49 A

I look at the BMI chart as a starting point, but the percentage of body fat is really important. My Dr told me not to go by a number on the scale or the BMI chart, but what makes me feel good. I thought that was great advice since we are harder on ourselves then anyone else.

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1/3/14 4:20 A

Hello Everyone,
As per this Height-Weight Chart
i got BMI of 23, which falls under healthy weight.. But i feel i'm overweight. As im fat than my friends.

Is this chart is wrong? or am i wrong?

KIRSTENCO SparkPoints: (11,539)
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12/30/13 5:39 A

I agree, not only about your body fat%, but it's also important to look carefully at where your fat is stored... Visceral fat (tummy fat) that sits around your internal organs is way more harmful and dangerous than the stuff that sits on your hips...
My visceral fat is down to 6, from 11, even though I am nearly 20 lb from my goal weight!!!

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
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12/17/13 3:05 P

I, too, would have to lose a good bit of muscle mass to get to the lower end of the weight according to my BMI. I still need to reduce my body fat percentage, but I don't want to lose muscle mass.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/16/13 10:39 P

BMI does not tell the whole story. Not even close. According to my BMI, I'm solidly overweight. I wear a size 6 petite and have 18% body fat.

I agree about having your body fat measured by an experienced trainer using calipers. If you are close to a major university, you might be able to find hydrostatic weighing for a reasonable fee. Your body composition will provide a better indicator of how much weight you could realistically aim to lose.

I would have to actually lose muscle mass to get to the lower end of my BMI. Not going to happen.

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (20,017)
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12/16/13 9:22 A

Dear Ms. Hughes,

Please remember BMI is only 1 measure of health. More important than having a low BMI is having a healthy heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organs.

Monitor your resting heart rate, pulse/oxygen levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc... and drink plenty of clean water daily for good kidney and liver health.

As far as looking "too lean", that might just be a matter of what you are accustomed seeing when you look in the mirror. Give your brain a chance to catch up with your new leaner look. I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you see.

Good luck.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/15/13 2:43 P

You might want to ask your doctors what they think a good weight goal would be for you.

I was very surprised to hear several doctors say that I should weigh quite a bit more than BMI would suggest. BMI is a rather crude instrument and it doesn't work well if you are tall, athletic, muscular, long-waisted or have a large bone structure...all of which happen to apply to me. :)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
12/14/13 6:04 P

One of the big limitations of BMI is that it doesn't take body composition into account.

If you exercise regularly, it's likely that your lean mass will have increased (enlarged blood supply, muscles retaining more water, even an increase in muscle mass). This increase in lean mass can lead to a higher BMI, even though you are fitter and healthier.

In fact, this lean mass can lead regular exercisers can often fall into the "overweight" BMI category, despite being pretty lean.

I agree with Coach Jen that body fat percentage is a much more meaningful measure in terms of health, or setting goals. Unfortunately, it is also harder to measure.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,584
12/13/13 1:54 P

BMI is one measure of health, but it doesn't work well for everyone. Since you're getting close to your goal weight, I'd recommend having your body fat tested. That's a better indicator of health vs. a number on the scale or BMI and will give you a good idea of how much fat you have left to lose. Most gyms offer this test for a small fee.

Hope that helps. Congrats on your weight loss so far!

Coach Jen

OLGA18 SparkPoints: (22,685)
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12/13/13 1:49 P

Put your stats into the BMI calculator but put them in with you 15 pounds less and see what it says.

HHUGHES71 SparkPoints: (104,324)
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12/13/13 1:34 P

As of this morning I have lost 26.2 lbs and my BMI has dropped 3.5 points. This still puts me in the middle of the overweight category. I only hope to lose about 15 more lbs. Not sure if that will lower my BMI enough to put me in the healthy category. My fear is that if I lose more than the next 15 lbs that 1) I will start to look too thin and 2) I am not sure that I could maintain a weight lower than 135.

Any thoughts?

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