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10/15/12 4:18 P

I hear you. I could have written your post many years ago. Don't give up. It will take time, and a lot of support to get there, but you can get there. Reach out to any resources available in your university. Find a therapist that you can work with; depending on your community there may be self help or therapeutic groups you can join as well. Find a therapist that is a good fit; one who you feel comfortable with and has experience with addictions and/or eating disorders. I also found working 1:1 with a nutritionist helped. You can do it. Keep posting. Feel free to e-mail me any time.

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10/15/12 1:44 P

I'm not a coach or therapist, don't know how to advise you. But I can and will listen if you need a friend. emoticon

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Welcome to Spark People !! Yes, it was very brave of you to make such a personal statement. Have you talked with your doctor about your binging ? If not, you should start there. Your doctor could refer you to a good therapist who deals with binging and eating disorders. This really is a complex issue with no easy answer. A good therapist can help you work through the issues you're having. They can help you have a healthy relationship with food again.

One thing I would recommend is joining one of the Spark Teams for members who are recovering from eating disorders. You may find talking with other members helpful. But definitely talk to your doctor and look on campus to see what services are available too. You pay good money for those extras when you paid your tuition. Take advantage of those services.

Being in college is extremely stressful. That stress may be one reason you find yourself binging. Don't be afraid to talk to a professional. They're there to help you get better.

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10/13/12 12:07 P

I agree with Coach Nancy. Never is a very confining word and concept. Maybe it would help if you could think, rather, in terms of "today". I wish you success and happiness. You Can do It! I have issues with binging also...

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Thank you so much for sharing your past history with us. I am sure that was difficult. This is not a judgement on you, but because disordered eating is such a complex issue with many facets, sometimes we need a little more one on one help that a website forum can't offer you. As a college student, you may want to contact your university's medical department and see if you can get some professional intervention.

I have also included a link to a SparkPeople article that may help you as well.

Coach Nancy

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Hi there,

I used to have anorexia. Meaning I would eat only 600 calories a day and run 3 miles a day. I did this for a while and got down to 93 pounds where I was going through early kidney and liver failure. I did get help though and started to gain the weight back. The only problem was I did not gain it back in a healthy way. I binged. I never purged, but I kept binging until I was the weight that my parents and therapist wanted me to be. And then I stopped once I got there. The anorexia hasn't come back, but the binging has. I don't know what to do. I'm in college so it's a fairly stressful time. I have said that time and time again after a binge one night it would be the "last time," I want that to be true now. I want that to be true today. I binged last night and it's time for a change. It's time for me to stop this. I just wanted to have somewhere to post this and not be judged. Any advice or tips as to never do this again?

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