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JMAEYOYO SparkPoints: (686)
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8/16/14 11:46 A

.I'm in the process of trying to buy a new smaller scale then I currently own. I also measure to bake, and cook along with dietary foods. Presently I have a Salter scale that has a 6# 7 oz. capacity, but its a pain to use & not easy to learn. I know its accurate, and considering the cost, I know I will to continue to use it, but am continually looking for a 2nd scale that will fit on my counter better. This scale when closed, is very nice looking, but is not practical to leave out on counter-top for 3 meals or more a day.
I suggest checking out Salter scales for accuracy first, and learn about what you want in a scale before buying one. I jumped too quickly when I purchased this one.

ALEX_V SparkPoints: (19,581)
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7/30/14 4:05 P

I've been searching for a new scale, as well. The one I have varies between 2-4 lbs. I can't have that kind of inconsistency if I want to be successful with my weight loss.

KATYSMOM26 Posts: 31
7/30/14 12:11 P

My scale just died, I need a new one, thanks for this post it has given me some new ideas to think about.

LIGNSS SparkPoints: (9,622)
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7/29/14 11:16 P

I'd love to hear some input on this too. Anybody have good consistency with a digital scale to share? A doctor-type balance scale would be best but I simply don't have the space for it.

AMYLEEMARIE SparkPoints: (7,603)
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7/29/14 8:55 P

I have the fitbit Aria scale. I love that it automatically syncs to the app an I have the fitbit force. I got the force for christmas and the aria for my bday which is Jan. 4th. They are very pricey but I love technology.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 9,778
7/29/14 4:04 P

Buy a doctor-type balance scale. A little spendy ($150) but accurate and reliable. The one I have weighs me the same weight as the certified scale we have at work.

LEILAWKS1 SparkPoints: (3,146)
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7/29/14 1:00 P

Weight scales. Sorry, should have clarified.

PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
7/29/14 12:58 P

Food scales or weight scales?

LEILAWKS1 SparkPoints: (3,146)
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7/29/14 12:44 P

What do you think is the best digital scales to purchase? Looking for something that will last.
In the past, I have purchased walmart digital scales. Never fails that within a couple of months, they stop working correctly. Put in new batteries and same thing. Have gone thru 3 different scales like this.

I don't mind investing a little bit of money for scales that will last.

Any suggestions?

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