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2/13/13 2:30 P

Thank you... I am glad you read it...Have a great day!

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2/13/13 2:01 P

Thanks for the wise words! We are all human and we all make mistakes and at some point in life, we will all need some encourage or a hand to lift us up. emoticon

2/13/13 1:58 P

Every time I work with the bees, I am still fascinated and intrigued by them and the lessons
they teach about living each day. Many do not realize within a colony of bees about 85 - 90%
are females while the rest are made up of Drones (boy bees). Drones, well that's another story, they are pretty useless in one sense but the females are so determine with the tasks that lie before them. The Worker bees (females) perform such duties as nurse bees, house bees, construction worker, caretaker, grocery shopper, and even a guard; while the Drones only want to copulate with the Queen or have the females bring them supper.

The other day I watched a worker bee emerge from her cell, after emerging, she was greeted by her sisters welcoming her to colony with nurturing support . In response, the new bee returned her gratitude not caring whether they were young or old nor what color they were; she knew she belonged there. Shortly thereafter and without hesitation, she began to work on the tasks which would benefit her colony. Somehow, we as humans have lost the value of extending a hand of friendship and support. We seem to always reason it away; maybe we don't trust people, we're too busy, had a bad experience, or whatever other reason a person congers up. Everyday individuals visit this site hoping to find that right combination to become healthier or seeking a word of encouragement or support to achieve their goals that lies before them. Regardless if they are young or old, male or female, they are part of our colony... so to speak...and you could be just the person that nudges them along with support. Take time just for moment and BEE a friend, it feels good when we help others.
So as I skim the blogs, and see someone having a struggle, I may drop you a note of encouragement; it is a innocent action because one day I may need it in return.

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