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4/18/13 8:31 P

One of my FAVORITE things to grill is pineapple. You can cut it into chunks and skewer it with chicken and other veggies, or just cut it into slices and grill it to eat on its own or thrown onto a veggie burger. For some reason, grilled pineapple is a more filling and satisfying "treat" than regular pineapple.

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
4/18/13 7:06 P

I grill and eat chicken, steaks, and turkey burgers regularly. You can also grill seafood on skewers, lean ground beef, and veggies of course. I think in reguards to staying healthy and grilling, the fault usually lies not in the meat, but in the condiments, sauces, buns, and heavy side dishes. Meat and veggies are not bad!

4/18/13 7:02 P

Kabobs with plenty of veggies!
Lean burgers are good...Asparagus or zucchini grilled with olive oil salt and pepper on the side.
Just watch out for the marinades...a lot of sugar lurks in there. Try making your own of just using healthy oil and herbs.
I can't wait for summer!!!

DMUERHOFF Posts: 1,903
4/18/13 7:01 P

Kabobs-veggies and any kind of meat, use a Mrs. Dash marinade to keep the sodium low. We also keep bags of frozen rice, microwave for 3 minutes and serve the kabobs over it.

Buffalo burgers are very lean as a substitute for beef. You can make a burger out of a portabella mushroom also.

We like the beer can chicken-put a whole chicken on top of an open beer. Do a search to see how long it cooks for. You can also use a different liquid-the beer is just for moisture.

I like the National Jewish hot dogs that are almost fat free.

Dice up potatoes, onions, peppers etc. with whatever seasonings you like, wrap in foil to make a packet and put on the grill along with your meat.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
4/18/13 4:31 P

I barbequed chicken on Tuesday. It was very good.

It was my first experience with it and I am going to try to do more as time goes on. Maybe tomorrow I will grill some steaks

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4/18/13 4:25 P

My father got one last year. Freshly smoked salmon is TO DIE FOR (and this from a person who *hates* that glassy looking 'smoked salmon' stuff they sell at the store)! Best thing that came out of the smoker last year ^_^
(since no one seemed to answer this) When my family made home-made burger paddies (with onion and bread inside), we fried them way back when (now we just grill them or get steaks instead). Not advocating it in any way.. but here's how its done (how we did it, anyway).
Take beef, grind it up with onion, garlic, etc. Mix it with egg, bread crumbs, salt and pepper. coat in a layer of bread crumbs and stick on a pan with enough oil/lard to go half way up the paddy. flip to cook both sides.

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HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
4/18/13 8:04 A

Love to bbq!!! We just bought a charcoal smoker that we are trying to learn to use...can't wait to smoke ribs or a chicken, turkey breas..mmmm!!!!

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4/18/13 7:55 A

Great suggestions guys! I edited my post (i guess i accidently put fried instead of grilled)

4/18/13 4:27 A

marinate your meat with juices and grill veggies along with your meat...whole grain pitas and buns are a good alternative for the regular white bun. make your lean grilled burger into a wrap with a low carb high fiber tortilla or flatbread and fill up on veggies instead of potato salad.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,145)
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4/18/13 12:20 A

BBQ healthy options:

grilled veggies
grassfed burgers (bunless)
devilled eggs
veggie kabobs
fresh raw veggies

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
4/17/13 11:26 P

We use our grill year round- even with snow on the ground. You can grill chicken instead of hamburgers or hot dogs. Use lean ground beef for your hamburgers. Try grilling some vegetables.

We like veggie burgers at my house even though we are not vegetarians. Give them a try.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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4/17/13 9:34 P

I skip the buns - if I have a choice between a hamburger and a hot dog, I pick the hamburger. Grilling a burger allows the grease and fat to drip off. Grilled lean burger is pretty healthy!

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
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4/17/13 7:15 P

I'm with the others...grilling a burger is not the same as frying it. Hamburger is decently healthy too if you get lean meat and watch the bun.

I actually eat healthier during grilling season, but then I don't care for potato or pasta salad (can't stand mayo or anything with it in it) and our normal sides are grilled "foil vegetables" (cut up veggies...whatever you like, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, zucchini, etc...add jn a little butter and whatever herbs/spices you are feeling that day--lemon garlic pepper is awesome, so are most of the mrs, dash blends--throw on the grill and you are done, no cleanup necessary) and fruit salad that is just cut up fruit (no extra sugar).

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4/17/13 2:04 P

I grill anything and everything I can when the weather cooperates. I'm even going to try grilled pizza this summer. But yeah, burgers aren't fried if you're doing them on the grill. Use lean ground beef and don't make them too big and there's nothing wrong with them. Grilling is one of the healthiest methods of cooking actually since very little oil etc is needed most of the time.

I also love bbq chicken.... I just grill whatever chicken I'm using, then put the sauce on at the end. I'm trying this recipe out next week, assuming the weather cooperates (it's snowing currently).
For 6oz of meat plus the sauce, it's only 277 calories.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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4/17/13 12:55 P

I'd never fry a burger. :)

I live in the south, where we grill year-round. ;) Lean meats, light marinades, and LOTS of grilled veggies are the way to go!

TANNERZ SparkPoints: (43,782)
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4/17/13 12:55 P

Lean hamburgers aren't bad for you, it also depends on what you're putting them on. The hamburger bun itself can be like 200 calories.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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4/17/13 12:55 P

When we barbecue, I typically have either a turkey burger (with cheese) or chicken breast. Lots of veggies are extra-tasty grilled, and because so much more produce is in season, pretty much all veggies and fruits taste better (and are less expensive as a bonus). If you want to try veggie burgers, just go ahead and get a box. I think they're only $5 or so for a box of four (six?), so it's not really a huge waste of money if you don't like them. There's no reason you can't eat regular hamburgers, though--just make room for them in your calorie budget for the day.

Things like potato salad and pasta salad can be very high calorie, though, so I tend to avoid those, or just have a small helping if they're served.

I also find that the kinds of food I want to eat in the summer tend to be healthier anyway. I'm not looking for the cozy comfort foods, but rather lighter things like fruit salads. So for me, anyway, it's actually easier to eat healthy when it's hot out. :)

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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4/17/13 12:53 P are burgers fried? I just stick mine on the grill, no extra fat needed. If my landlord let me, I'd be grilling everything right now :D

But other stuff to grill: chicken, portabello mushrooms, haloumi (its a cheese and good, trust me), peppers, fish, pork chops, the list goes on

ROCCOERZ1 SparkPoints: (1,544)
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4/17/13 12:38 P

So.... its almost Summer! And you know what that means... BBQ's (hot dogs,hamburgers and stuff) but a lot of that stuff is no good for you espically the burgers ... so what do we do to stay healthy this Summer season?? I was thinking about veggie burgers but i never tried that and i want to but if i buy them and dont like them (waste of money)....

Any tips to stay healthy this Summer? (food wise, not excise wise)

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