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SUNNYFUNNYSARAH SparkPoints: (8,452)
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6/9/14 10:25 P

I have been having TONS of cravings for a bunch of junk lately. I have been able to overcome it by reminding myself WHY I AM DOING THIS! Ask yourself that question. Why are you dieting? It's always something more than you want to lose weight. Do you want to be able to chase your kids around or keep up with them? Do you want to just feel better in general? Do you want to look better naked (hey, i'm just listing some of the goals spark mentions...)?

Cheating on your diet WON'T make you feel better and sometimes will make you feel WORSE! You can do this! If you must eat something to help calm the stress, choose a healthy snack (I love me some carrots!).


BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,189
6/9/14 3:36 P

when i get a craving i like others work on a hobby that helps me :)

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (171,197)
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6/9/14 9:51 A


Do you have any fresh fruit ? If you find yourself craving something sweet, eat a piece of fresh fruit. The natural sugar in the fruit should help relieve the cravings.

Also, if you have had a busy day, you may have needed more calories than you allotted. Example, if you've been eating 1500-1700 calories, you may have needed to eat 1800-2000. I know that may seem like a lot, but some times, a craving can indicate that you're not eating enough to sustain a busy day.

And do you have plenty of fresh fruit on hand for snacks ? If not, I would encourage you to keep a big bowl handy for whenever you need an extra snack. Do you have any nuts ? eating something with protein can also help relieve cravings. I like eating nuts, but you do have to watch the portion size.

REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (63,486)
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6/8/14 8:32 A

Do something to keep your mind off food (not watching TV, they always have ads for Pizza,etc) Reading works for me !! You might want to exercise-but after a day shopping you are prob. tired. Some people enjoy a game with there husband, Monopoly,Yatzee.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (191,883)
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6/7/14 11:55 P

What is causing the stress? Deal with that and you might find the cravings diminish.

Take some time to practice some relaxation breathing techniques. Focus on your breathing and ensure it is NOT coming from your chest, but rather lower down, and that it is controlled. A lot of people tend to breathe more quickly when they are stressed.

Listen to some relaxing music, or take a nice relaxing bath. If you don't have lavender oil or similar, try putting some favourite perfume into the bath water and soak up the relaxing energy.

Read a book or read some articles on SP - there are some very good ones on this very topic.

Have you got a hobby? Knitting? Crocheting? Scrapbooking? If so, turn to that to distract you.

If none of that works, try slowing chewing on something that might help to satisfy the craving. i.e., if you are craving sweet things, try nibbling on a date. Take your time over it. Or cut up a piece of fruit and nibble on that.

Good luck,

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6/7/14 8:57 P

Okay, i have been gone all day with my two daughters shopping and what not. I did eat my snacks and a dinner, but after coming home and putting the kids to bed, i have been battling with a stress craving. I bought my husband some poptarts, (and i haven't had any issue with them being in the house). but because when i stress, i stress eat.... i don't wanna fall off track again. i have been doing so well....

any advice??? TIA

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