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LUVCHE Posts: 60
10/3/11 1:04 P

Thank you for the info.
It goes to show I can always learn new things. I am an RN and consider myself fairly knowledgeable in breastfeeding. But not weight loss! I had no idea it kinda worked backwards. Something to think about and adjust.

Thanks again!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
10/2/11 3:00 P

Congratulations on how well you have done with a healthy pregnancy weight gain and returning to your prepregnancy weight so quickly and even going below. You should be very proud of yourself!

It is very important to realize that your little one will be taking in the most milk from you between now and about six months of age when solids start while also doubling their birth weight. Your body will fight to hold on to fat reserves to allow milk production to stay at an optimal level and the lower your calorie intake, the more fat reserves your body will hold on to. With breastfeeding the principles are backwards and you need to eat more healthy, nutrient rich calories so your body doesn't perceive it is in starvation mode to produce milk and hold on to those reserves. This article will explain it in a little more detail.

Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight While Breastfeeding
I believe you will find it very difficult to maintain your milk supply for a baby of this age while only consuming 1200 calories since you likely need at least 2000 and more if you are active and exercising. Typically it is recommended that nursing moms not go below 1800 calories with more added on top for exercise. Perhaps you want to start there and see how it goes but remember that once you are under your prepregnancy weight , 1/2 pound of weight loss per week or 2-3 pounds per month is considered successful weight loss while breastfeeding.

Coach Tanya

DWROBERGE Posts: 349,324
10/2/11 11:20 A


LUVCHE Posts: 60
10/2/11 9:12 A

Longish, sorry!
I had just started back to this in October, 2010. Lost 8 pounds and found out I was pregnant in November!
I was good and only gained 15 lbs. I am actually 9 lbs under pre-pregnancy weight at 2 months postpartum. I am nursing it seems I should be losing weight easier. however, 6 of those pounds came off in the 6 of those 9 lbs came melting off in the first 3 weeks postpartum. It's taken the other 5 weeks to lose 3 lbs. That's because I went back to work at 3 weeks...and I work in a medical office where drug companies LOVE to feed us YUMMY lunches. The front office has also made sure our vending guy keeps my favorites in the machine (ever since pregnancy....they are so sweet!)

SO: I am starting my diet. I am trying 1200 calories which I was told is not ideal, but still safe because I am pretty overweight. AS long as it doesn't decrease my milk supply.

I need help! Some good ( family friendly and EASY) 1200 calorie meal plans and weekly shopping lists. (Money is VERY tight with new I need a very economic plan!)

I also have another motivation: I am trying to get a promotion/transfer as the nurse who runs the weight loss clinic (our head doctor dabbles in a little of everything). One of the requirements is a healthy, trim nurse. I am being considered for the position....but know I need to continue to lose weight so I can be a good example/representative of our clinic.

Help fellow Sparkpeople!!!

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