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12/1/12 10:31 P

I have been using Champion for the last 20 years for jogging.

12/1/12 5:51 P

I really like the Champion C9 brand sports bras. I, also,don't need a whole lot of support and I have found that they are good at wicking sweat away.

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12/1/12 5:43 P

Hi Red,

They make exercise bras in the shape of regular bras but with the wicking fabric. I personally like the Moving Comfort brand.

Coach Nancy

URBANK9 Posts: 894
12/1/12 4:31 P

Ok this is kinda an awkward question to ask but does anyone have any suggestions for bras to wear while exercising that wick away moisture or dry quickly?
I find sports bras very uncomfortable, and I don't need extra support or anything, but I find my bra gets all sweaty when I exercise and that is very uncomfortable especially in the winter (cold+damp=brrrrr!)

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