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GIASBASH6260 Posts: 170
3/27/13 2:36 A

Wink Frozen Desserts is AMAZING! 25 calories per 1/4 cup, and completely allergen free... No wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nuts, eggs and completely vegan & GMO - Free! So delicious!

M-BRUNER Posts: 421
3/27/13 12:15 A

Because I'm PreDiabetic, I have to keep my snacks between 15-20 carbs and limit them to 2-3 snacks a day. I find I don't need a morning snack so I can handle 2 snacks a day. My favorite afternoon snack is a Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bar. I eat it slowly and let it melt slowly as I eat it. If you try to eat it quickly, it tastes like chalk - but by letting it melt slowly it's actually quite satisfying. My favorite night time snack is popcorn. It makes me feel like I'm eating a lot because I can eat 3 cups of popcorn and still be within my carb limit. For a change of pace, I'll cut up some celery and a green pepper and dip them in some raspberry vinaigrette. I can't wait to try the frozen raspberries and the frozen peas. Thanks for the ideas!

ERICADURR Posts: 243
3/26/13 11:44 P

I puree lactose-free cottage cheese with a teaspoon of honey, then sprinkle homemade granola (baked with honey or agave, rather than sugar, and walnuts) on top. :)

THEGREENESTGIRL SparkPoints: (635)
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3/26/13 11:25 P

I noticed a lot of people are mentioning different types of nuts and while they are fantastic healthy snacks I am super allergic to them (all types of nuts :( ). If you are like me and want an alternative to nuts try Hemp Hearts.They are not meant to be a nut replacement the taste just reminds me of a mixture of peanuts and almonds. They are amazing and healthy for anyone! They are high in calories but they are SUPER calories that will keep you going. Just one table spoon will fill you up!! They have a somewhat nutty flavour which I love as it is a taste I miss. I like to eat them with breakfast and around 3:00pm when my body starts to feel rundown.

Another use for them is to put them in brownies. Ok so that's not really healthy, but if you are allergic to nuts and you want them back in your life it is really close to the right taste. I find I will also eat less brownies because they are so much more filling.

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/18/13 6:56 A

lots of great ideas.

the combination of the fruit/veg plus protein is a good one, especially

TWININGS12 SparkPoints: (17,330)
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Posts: 610
3/18/13 6:42 A

Organic carrots, almond butter, bok choy, celery, Sami's cinnamon flax pita chips and apples.

BIGBEAROHYEAH SparkPoints: (13,195)
Fitness Minutes: (6,574)
Posts: 502
3/18/13 6:37 A

I eat every 2 to 3 hours keeps everything going. My healthy snack are Apples, banana with peanut butter, kishi bars, greek yougart some days toast with peanut butter, toasted pita bread with hummas.

AREEJ_R SparkPoints: (27,942)
Fitness Minutes: (24,346)
Posts: 2,384
3/18/13 2:18 A

i love having yogurt i put some dried apricot or dates + nuts + banana

or PB with cottage cheese and some berries

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,139)
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Posts: 3,763
3/18/13 1:31 A

boiled egg
green smoothie

DNICEST88 Posts: 393
3/17/13 7:23 P

someone may have already mentioned this, but cheese sticks!

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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Posts: 349
3/17/13 2:52 P

6 oz of chobani nonfat Greek yogurt is an amazing way to get full for a hundred calories and tons of protein!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
3/17/13 8:35 A

I personally try to get more balance in my snacks and always include a protein with a complex carb and usually a little bit of healthy fats. My snacks are more like mini meals and are only 100 cals less than my main meals. They're usually around 200-300 cals. I don't eat them out of boredom, I eat them out of necessity. I can't go 4-5 hours without eating when I'm as active as I am. I also put a lot of emphasis into my strength training and my body needs protein every 2-3 hours to aid in muscle repair. Adding protein, healthy fats to your snacks will also help with satiety.

THEGREENESTGIRL SparkPoints: (635)
Fitness Minutes: (62)
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3/17/13 6:01 A

I snack for all the wrong reasons and the second I finish eating I regret it big time. These are a few snacks that you don't have to feel guilty about not to mention they can be fun to eat. The snacks are very basic and simple but they will go a long way. Most of the time when I want to snack it is out of pure bordem and nothing more. My number one snack to endulge this feeling, while still being healthy, is frozen raspberries. I eat them a cup at a time and I leave them frozen. The texture is the best part because it takes a long time to eat them. I can eat an entire bag of chips in the time it takes me to eat a cup of frozen raspberries. They are only 60 calories per cup, and they count for 32% of your daily intake of fiber and a whopping 50% of your daily Vitamin C. They have 5 g of sugar but remember it is not simple processed sugar. Not that I reccommend it but I feel a lot better about my health if I over eat rasperries rather than over eating the same amount of candy.

Snack number 2 is snow peas. They are very low in calories and they keep your mouth entertained because they crunch like chips. My family switched from chips to peas and there were no complaints. The only type of chips I actually eat for flavour is salt and vinegar the rest I only eat because 1. The crunch is super satisfying and 2. I see other people eating them and they automatically become more appealing

The last of the group is the fantastic grapefruit. It is one of my favourite fruits behind watermelon. I peel it like an orange then I take my time to peel off the inner skin. I stick my thumbs in the top and bottom where there will be natual holes and rip it in half. From there I pull back the skin piece by piece and eat them in wedges. It keeps me very busy and because I take a bit more time to eat it I actually start to feel full rather than just eating to eat. CAUTION It can be dangerous to eat grapefruit while on certian medications. Make sure it will not effect you before eating it CAUTION

I hope that helps. It helped me to lose a fair amount of weight.

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