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7/4/14 1:06 A

congrats on a great start.
I believe in replacing rather than the term "cutting". I replaced flours and sugars with veggies and fruits. Meats, fats, and fiber keep blood sugar steady, so I don't want to "snarl". lol

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,415
7/3/14 1:22 P

I agree that your best bet is to ask your doctor for a referral to see a registered dietitian. That person can help create a meal plan specific to your needs.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

GIPPER1961 Posts: 681
7/3/14 12:54 P

I get my carbs from vegetables and some fruits. Nut flours and milled flax can also be used although I have found them to somewhat unsatisfying. The milled flax isn't too bad but I have never obtained a taste for the texture of almond or coconut flour.

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7/3/14 11:56 A

Could you get your doctor to refer you to a dietitian? That is what I would recommend

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7/3/14 11:41 A

Congrats on that AIC Drop!! You obviously have some "long term" mettle to accomplish that! So I suspect that you will be able to slowly convert your diet away from those remaining problem carbs too. I think making small changes over time... such as first changing from white to whole wheat bread...then cutting back by half the times each week you eat bread...might keep you feeling more in control.

Yesterday I just had a nice discussion with a Dietician...about MY higher than normal Triglycerides! LOL Besides doing the diet changes you are already aware of, her suggestion was that as I increase my exercise moderately, I will see a drop. I had foot surgeries last Oct and again in March, so my exercise dropped off considerably(!).

With your diabetes and heart conditions, I realize you will have limits!! But I'd encourage you to check with your doctors and discuss what they can allow you to do. Then push yourself to --safely-- add in what exercise you can. There are some great "limited mobility" seated videos here on Spark--for free! I used them with some modifications while I couldn't walk at all....

All the best,

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/3/14 11:12 A

I cut out white flour, added sugar, added sodium when I started to "eat clean".

What that means (for me) is the avoidance of processed foods. I make my own food. Does that make sense?

In other words, my snack is not little debbie's greek yogurt with peanut butter mixed, or an apple with cheese. My dinner is not boxed mac and cheese with's steamed veggies with chicken. My lunch is not turkey and cheese on wonder bread, it's on whole grain (if even eat a sandwich - most likely I'd do the turkey and cheese over salad). Breakfast is not cheerios, it's eggs.

It helps if you think about when shopping...staying on the outer perimeter of the store...veggies, fruit (if you can have), lean meats, beans, legumes, peanut/almond butter, eggs, cheese, greek yogurt, (frozen veggies are fantastic, stock up on them when on sale). Stay away from the junk food isle, cookies, pastries, candy, frozen dinners, sodas, sweet juices, etc.

Here is a great list of snacks to consider at the store, see which will fit on your plan:

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7/3/14 10:48 A

Hi all! I'm a diabetic who just brought her A1c from 9.9 (pretty bad) to 6.7 (at the high end of "normal" for a diabetic) but my triglycerides are still really high - over 400!

I've read that cutting carbs - at least simple ones - can help with that but I've tried it before and got overwhelmed (and sort of mean, actually). Can anyone give advice on how to cut white flour and non-natural sugar without wanting to snarl?

As an FYI - I'm also in heart failure on top of the diabetes, so I'm limited on how much water I can drink. Otherwise, I would do nothing but drink water all day and this would not be an issue! emoticon

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