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9/5/13 9:09 P

We sleep for 6-8 hours a day (well, most do). During that time we don't eat. If it truly was such a short time for metabolism to shut down, we would be in shutdown mode daily. It takes a lot to damage a metabolism; a few hours without eating will not do it.

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9/5/13 7:19 P

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1 – We are each an experiment of “one.” (ie. My microbiology is not the same as yours. How I process food, medicines, and anything else I take into my body is tied into the “flora & fauna” of my gut….which also feeds my brain…which in turn feeds my gut.)

2 – Men typically have a higher metabolism in general due to their inherent muscle mass difference from most women.

3 – Eating less is NOT bad as long as one gives attention to general nutritional balance.

4 – There is NO law that states one must eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in order to be healthy.

Do what works for you! …and sometimes that involves experimentation to see what feeds your heart, soul, mind AND body!

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9/5/13 5:50 P

Thanks for your reply Jennilacey. I like your style. I've had the same experience of having a lot of energy when I barely eat anything (and I sleep really well), though I don't go as long as you do before eating. Maybe I'll give it a try.

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9/5/13 5:43 P

Point well taken my friend. Maybe going into so-called starvation mode would have been a better phrase than metabolic shutdown.

9/5/13 4:17 P

Fasting is very controversial with regard to its supposed benefits, you will find armed camps on both sides of the issue but it will not shut down your metabolism albeit it may slow it.If your metabolism shuts down so do you i.e. you are no longer alive. You can and will waste muscle with prolonged fasting since your body will essentially eat itself to make up for the lack of food.

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9/5/13 11:54 A

I go from 10pm at night until 2-3pm the following day without eating. I workout in a fasted state and lose weight easily. Fat that is, I've been maintaining... even gaining lean muscle. I get higher intensity workouts in a fasted state than I do when I eat.

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9/5/13 10:27 A

Thanks for your reply Renataruns. I think you might be right about it being a myth. I've lost weight fast by cutting back to eating almost nothing (while greatly increasing my exercise). Like for example lunch one day might be half a chicken leg (and a few veges), and for lunch the next day I had the other half. I lost 30 pounds in about five weeks, with no loss of energy, so I must have done something right. I agree that exercise should be part of a weight loss program; weight loss without effort, as you say, will still leave you in poor shape, even though you will be skinnier.

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9/5/13 10:19 A

Thanks for your reply Zorbs13, and I know there is truth in what you say. I recently went from 210 pounds and a 42" waist to 180 and 36" in about five weeks. I know that's considered extreme, but it's what worked for me. I had a lot of energy during that period, but toward the end I found myself having lost a very small amount of strength when I was in the weight room; I was lifting the same amount of weight, but instead of 10 or 12 reps like I usually did, on a few exercises 8 was all I could do. I don't know if that was from a lack of energy or a loss of muscle mass though; more likely the latter I suppose. I did get the strength back (and more) after reaching my target weight (180) and eating more. In this case though I was asking more about periods of maybe 5 to 8 or so hours without eating, and I don't think I've ever had a lack of energy from that. Thanks again, and congratulations on the excellent condition you seem to be in.

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9/5/13 9:31 A

The whole concept sounds like a myth to me. On the other end you will find many people these days arguing that temporary fasts are just the thing for losing weight like magic and without effort. A pox on both their houses, I say.

Exercise is an awesome metabolism booster in its own right, regardless of when you do it.

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9/5/13 9:25 A

but if you try to exercise after many hours of not eating, you won't have the energy for a high intensity workout.

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9/5/13 9:19 A

I have read many times that if you go more than X number of hours without eating, your metabolism more or less shuts down so you end up doing your diet more harm than good. It would seem to me though that if you do some kind of exercise, say something hi energy like martial arts, that gets your heart beating really hard, during that same period, that your metabolism would not shut down and you would still be burning calories. This is purely a guess on my part though. So, are there any experts who know whether my guess is right? Can exercise keep your metabolism in high gear even if you have gone too many hours without eating?

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