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DEDEZ7 Posts: 2,252
5/19/14 10:36 P

I just took a picture of Miss Maggie T. and posted it as my profile.....Her full name is Margaret Thatcher,,,,for she loves to thatch the moss out of the grass,,,,,,so Maggie T. it is...when we got her about 3 weeks ago she weighed,,,,,9 lb 9 oz,,,she is almost 13 lbs now,,,,,both of her parents are 28 lbs,,,so she should end up around 35......lets hope.....she won't get her true coat until she is about 8 months...she already has her white undercoat...when she is older she will have the body cut short and her head will have a sporting cut...kinda big and square looking....this breed never sheds,,,,and will have a fleece coat......she is so soft and wavy right now.....and a little doll baby

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/19/14 9:23 P

We have a 12 year old lab in the family who is starting to slow down a little. On walks he likes to stop and smell the roses!!

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5/19/14 9:15 P

We have a 9 year old Jack Russell/Beagle and a 3 year old yellow Lab! They are great friends and posted in my pictures.

DEDEZ7 Posts: 2,252
5/19/14 8:34 P

Miss Bailey D...loves ice cubes,,,as well as,,,carrots, radishes,apple,celery,most anything that would go into a salad,,,except for onion,,,,I don't ever give onions out,,,,,cheese,,,,you name it,,,she is a very good helper when I am preparing my weeks salads or making soup....our vet always says,,,,can't believe how white her teeth are....I have not given lil one anything yet...I being a mean momma,,,,,schedule of food and water is a must.....the very second we got her,,,,3 weeks ago this wens. she went right for the food bowl...yicks,,,,big dog I think she might be,,,,,so I am watching her food intake and know that I need to get her out in about 10 min for potty pot....Miss Bailey knows the command potty pot and potty poop....and goes on smart,,,kinda scary,,,,,,I am so glad I started this topic.....lets share pictures....

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5/19/14 8:23 P

Your babies sound very sweet. I'm with you about having fur babies around. They keep life fun.

Our 3 fosters have started a little competition. They all drink from the same bowl at the same time till it's empty then move to the second bowl. They will keep drinking as long as I fill the bowls. This has made house breaking a bit challenging! Of course, I, being the mean foster mom, have stopped this game by limiting them to 1 bowl an hour and all the ice cubes they can chew!

DEDEZ7 Posts: 2,252
5/19/14 1:20 P

you are very busy, indeed....our newest little one is almost 4 months old and we are so thankful that her wake up time has changed form 4:30 am till almost 7,,,yeah.....
We had two wonderful cockers years ago,,,one lived 17 years and the other 14yr.,,,,then I went 8 years without dog......never again,,,the Lord willing,,,,will I be without a dog....Wanted to get my older girl a new sister when she was 2 but the breeder didn't have any and since I wanted them to be related,,,,had to wait until now.....they are so close in such a short time. They even drink out of the same water bowl...Amazing....The older one, Miss Bailey D., is only 23 lbs and is 3rd generation,,,,and the new one is suppose to reach 35 lbs,,,her name is , Miss Maggie T,,,,but you should see her feet...our vet thinks she will get bigger....thats fine with me....

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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5/18/14 9:01 P

Our pets are a great way to get exercise, aren't they!

No labradoodles here but I do have a Tibetan terrier and a goldie/border collie mix. Very sweet girls.

I also am fostering 3 mixed breed puppies, a female heeler mix and 2 male shepherd mixes, all are about 16 weeks old.
The little girl is going to a new home in the next day or so and hopefully the boys will be adopted soon.

They can keep us busy!

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DEDEZ7 Posts: 2,252
5/18/14 2:06 P

I have two girls that I do my walkies with,,,just wondered if there are any other owners here.....they do keep me busy....and love them dearly

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