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8/19/12 3:57 P

Congrats to all of you! And thanks, 4A for highlighting maintenance, it's so easy to get lost on this journey, and the more maintainers we can find and keep motivated to succeed the better!

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8/15/12 8:17 P

emoticon emoticon Maintainers!

Linda (Florida - Eastern Standard Time )

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GOING4MUSCLE Posts: 5,229
8/14/12 10:26 A

Very important info. As someone who had a terrible time maintaining (due to lack of guidance, after the weightloss) I know how very important it is to gather those much, invaluable tools, long before you hit the goal line.

I collected those tools, finally, and have kept the lost 74 pounds off for over 2 years. So don't risk becoming part of that 95%...gather your tools, now! Beat the odds!! emoticon


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8/14/12 8:55 A

So happy there is a source of maintenance support for those of us struggling to learn what our individual maintenance needs and strategies are.

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8/14/12 4:44 A

Congrats to every one. Great news!

Maggie from Auckland the City of Sails in New Zealand.

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,081
8/14/12 2:23 A

Congratulations to these inspirational folks on the At Goal and Maintaining team, who have maintenance anniversaries in August!

Spark ID, Pounds Lost, Years Maintained, Spark Page




LYNNE118 20 1

SHIRLEYD1959 85 24

Head on over to their pages to offer congratulations!


These are important milestones!*

- The likelihood of regaining weight when you reach goal is 80% - 95%.
- When you've maintained for 2 years the likelihood of regain drops to 50%.
- When you've maintained for 5 years the likelihood of regain drops to 27%!

There are some very long-term maintainers on our team:

If youre a successful maintainer and would like to celebrate your anniversary, fill out this form:

Wed love to see you on our team, too! If youre not at goal yet but want help with planning your transition to maintenance, youre also welcome, any time. The folks on our team are some of the most generous, wise people Ive ever met.

Let's see if we can beat the stats by keeping each other focused and engaged...


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