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12/28/13 10:42 A

I listen to books when I work out.

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12/28/13 8:54 A


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12/14/13 6:52 A

I always use Pandora radio during my workouts but have been considering audiobooks because sometimes I have to switch through several songs to find one really motivating

CASSIOEPIA Posts: 18,107
12/14/13 12:34 A

Netflix if I'm indoors on the stationary bike.

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12/13/13 10:03 A


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12/13/13 9:02 A

I run outside so I don't listen to anything. I need to be aware of what is going on around me for safety reasons.

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12/11/13 8:28 P

I like this question. I can get lost in an audiobook and realize I am almost done with my cardio. But I also find I tend to do a better job on keeping a good form with music. I go back and forth. I like reading on the elliptical too but it is the same things as audiobook. I lose track of my form. Does that mean I burn less calories?

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12/10/13 3:54 P


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12/10/13 3:53 P

I love listening to audiobooks -- gets me through the workout without realizing I'm working out.

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