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2/8/12 11:51 A

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2/8/12 10:57 A

I use my mp3. I search for free music or download my favorite upbeat songs

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2/8/12 10:37 A

If you do a google search on these keywords, fitness workouts podcasts, you'll get a list of citations of different websites that have downloadable fitness podcasts. You'll have to weed through the list to find the free ones because there are free fitness podcasts.

Here's an example

This is a free fitness podcast, but not specifically for workouts.

Unless the new Kindle Fire has fitness apps, amazon doesn't list podcasts.

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No I do not have a IPOD or a Android but I do have a MP3 player. I was hoping to find something I could go buy or go to Amazon to download

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2/8/12 10:28 A

Do you have an ipod ? If you have an ipod or an iphone there are fitness APPs as well as podcasts for audio workouts. Do a search in the Apple app store for different possible workouts. There are tons out there. If you have an Android, I'm sure the Android app store also has options. there are apps you could pay for as well as free apps for fitness.

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2/8/12 9:17 A

I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to where I might find a Audio work out something similar to a work out DVD but only audio that I can use in the gym?

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