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Posts: 2,937
4/10/11 7:36 P

I really didn't believe that I was capable of it before. As a general principle, people are capable of losing weight, I thought that I was just too weak to make those choices. Now I believe I can make healthy choices and want to take care of myself instead of punishing myself for not being perfect. (& I mean punishing - mental scarring, self damaging.)

Posts: 53
5/15/10 1:47 P

I am trying to remember that it took a long time to put the weight on so it I can allow myself time to take it off. The weight loss goal is a long term goal and little changes make a big difference.

Posts: 160
5/15/10 12:53 P

My attitude is that I will not quit. Work schedule may cause me to alter or reschedule an exercise session but never cancel. It may cause me to have to eat out instead of eating the prepared meal that I brought from home. That just means that I will have to alter other foods for the day to compensate.

I will not quit.

I am human and will make mistakes. I will get sick and not accomplish my goals today.

But I will not quit!

Posts: 14,326
5/15/10 12:38 P

focus~focus~ emoticon

Posts: 210
5/15/10 9:47 A

I love sparkpoints, seeing the number go up encourages me, so I keep coming back to the site, and that keeps me on track.

SparkPoints: (13,031)
Fitness Minutes: (1,270)
Posts: 539
5/14/10 5:38 P

I feel more confidence and it transfers into other area of my life. I am very, very, grateful to the Spark site and what it has helped me do already. emoticon

Posts: 2,965
4/28/10 4:09 P

I like the spark points. I find it easier to focus on important things for me.

Posts: 6
4/27/10 4:51 P

I'm trying to keep a positive and confident attitude right now as I start on my path towards becoming a healthier person =)

SparkPoints: (214,748)
Fitness Minutes: (181,448)
Posts: 9,936
4/27/10 2:44 P


SparkPoints: (187,480)
Fitness Minutes: (179,637)
Posts: 7,417
4/27/10 1:12 P

I love the tracking tools because they make me stop and focus on myself and my goals. Spark is a positive and supportive way to get healthy and enjoy doing it. emoticon

Posts: 3,949
4/26/10 11:59 P


Posts: 454
4/26/10 6:32 P

I cannot believe I am losing and eating healthy since the end of January. Logging in and reading about other people's successes and struggles keep me motivated. This is the longest I've been part of any program- joined Weight Watchers multiple times over the past years. This so works for me and I can tell this time is it- no more gaining and losing the same pounds over and over again!

SparkPoints: (113,810)
Fitness Minutes: (79,990)
Posts: 5,060
4/22/10 8:01 A

The support from several Spark friends have given me the confidence that I lacked for sooooo many years.
Thanks to all of them!!

Posts: 116
1/26/10 5:02 P

I feel more confident and happy. The support on Sparkpeople is amazing. emoticon

Posts: 129
1/26/10 4:10 P

It definitely makes me feel more positive and makes me feel good to be setting and working towards goals. It also makes me feel supported.

SparkPoints: (129,515)
Fitness Minutes: (68,075)
Posts: 12,065
1/26/10 3:42 P

More self-confidence and happier.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,040)
Posts: 1,646
1/19/10 2:34 P

I'm 50 years old with a lot of regrets. SparkPeople and my attitude have changed my focus from negative and "can't" to "my best" and "I CAN" I will die happy, with no regrets.

Posts: 234
1/19/10 2:08 P

It helps me to stay focused and gives me support.

Posts: 26
1/19/10 12:05 P

I feel like I am working towards a goal rather than just floating from day to day... this gives me confidence that carries over into all aspects of my life...

Posts: 599
1/19/10 12:02 P

How does participating in and following the guidelines of SP help your attitude and perception of yourself?

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