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IGSBETH SparkPoints: (184,497)
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1/12/13 2:42 P


MCANDIES SparkPoints: (10,513)
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1/11/13 10:59 A

Thanks everyone. I truly do not know if I could do it without the support from everyone. Thanks for being there for me!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,809)
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1/11/13 9:56 A

Way to GO and YAY, YOU!
This was a huge accomplishment and you deserve many pats on the back ((pat, pat)).
So many of us are stress's a tough habit to circumvent.
But look at you - you DID IT!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

1/11/13 12:59 A

That's awesome! Those decisions will become easier and easier until one day it doesn't even cross your mind to use food as comfort. Good job sticking to your plan and doing what you know is best for you and your body!

CATHWREN SparkPoints: (55,913)
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1/10/13 7:48 P

Congratulations for being mindful of the situation and handling it sensibly. emoticon

MCANDIES SparkPoints: (10,513)
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Posts: 158
1/10/13 5:56 P

Thank you Cecismommy09! I need every little accomplishment i can do right now.

CECISMOMMY09 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/13 4:19 P

good job staying focused even through lifes stresses!

MCANDIES SparkPoints: (10,513)
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1/10/13 4:19 P

Thank You! I really do need this and we will all do this together!

NYNANOF9 SparkPoints: (684)
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1/10/13 3:33 P

You Go is right. Its really hard sometime to do the right thing for ourselves, but you know what YOU are whats important. You deserve the best. I'm praying for you and were all in this thing together.

MCANDIES SparkPoints: (10,513)
Fitness Minutes: (6,470)
Posts: 158
1/10/13 3:21 P

Got some news yesterday that i wasn't expecting. Nothing that i am gonna die over or anything but it dd affect my finances. Anyways had been doing really good. Exercising everyday and one time a day by walking flights of stairs over my lunch break. I was really feeling good about things. Then this hapened and i started that feeling of wanting to go back to what made me feel better which is food. That has always been my coping thing. If i didn't feel good , eat. If things were weighing on my mind I would mindlessly eat. Left work last night and headed home all the way thinking about stopping and getting a burger or a taco . After all I had been good all day, right? I told myself no and came home.. I did have myself a bowl of Oatmeal Raison Crisp which i made sure to log in my tracker . I was amazed to see that it didn't hurt me and I had stayed pretty much in between my levels. A tad bit too much in one category but nothing to throw everything away that i had worked for. Then got up this morning with that same bad attitude and thinking oh it comes. But I got on here and started looking for inspiration and next thing you know, i have eaten a healthy breakfast, did my warm up, toning video and cardio and am now ready to hit the shower with a feeling of accomplishment. I need this break thru today to keep me going. I am so glad i was able to find what i needed to get through. I did it!!!! Go Me!

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