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1/9/13 2:15 P

What are some great power foods or energy boosters? I lack energy and although its picking up, I want it to be enough to kick the energy drinks all together!!

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1/9/13 1:50 P


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1/9/13 1:47 P

Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day.

1/9/13 1:44 P

Thanks, I hope so! I've definately been feeling more energized, its weird eating when i'm not hungry & you would think it would work against you but then im not as hungry for supper or for the movie snack that follows. Super excited. I start a weight and bariatrics program tomorrow, I have realized that I can't do this on my own.

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1/9/13 12:40 P

Good job! I think you'll start seeing results within a few weeks of eating more regularly. If you've been eating this way for the last 2 years, keep in mind that you were basically starving your body for 20 hours per day (if you were just eating at 7pm and 11pm), so your body will have to adjust to the new eating schedule.

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1/8/13 7:55 P


1/8/13 1:12 P

No, I don't ever get hungry, thats my problem. I usually only eat one meal a day and thats around 7pm. & then snack on something when i watch a movie around 11pm. Otherwise I don't eat all day.. So it's important for me to change my eating habits all together, and eat 2 bigger meals for breakfast/lunch and small for supper. However, im starting small by trying to break my big meal at night. Baby steps.

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1/8/13 1:03 P

been eating mostly smoothies for breakfast-- ones that I design myself as I refuse to buy the crap from the stores-- sometimes I use a protein powder that i know comes from 100% green fed cows, but most of my protein comes from greens.

I usually have energy to burn and love how good I feel. Keep eating breakfast. Your body needs it after fasting while you were sleeping.

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1/8/13 1:00 P

Yay! Keep it up, breakfast is important!!

Didn't you get hungry before lunch??? I eat breakfast and most days I still need a small snack inbetween!! :)

1/8/13 12:22 P

So, I ate breakfast for the first time in 2 years. Im always tired and rely on energy drinks/ coffee to wake up. But today I am loaded with energy all from one protein shake. YIPPY :)

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