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10/19/11 10:47 A

I'm pulling for ya. I think I'm beyond hope in this department, so its nice to see someone else succeed. Keep us posted.

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10/19/11 10:36 A

Well, ok- it was actually 15.6%! I rounded down- but I am happy w/ that! Motivation to work on the abs- can i get the six-pack at age 43?!

10/19/11 8:52 A

I'd be happy with 20%

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10/19/11 7:04 A

15%?? Impressive man.

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10/18/11 7:58 P

At this time, I am 160 lbs, and body fat % was measured at 15%. I'm pretty lean! Time to keep boosting the ST!

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10/14/11 1:29 P

hey DWROBERGE , aren't there enough "I get my 3 points" threads for you to post to without cluttering real threads with this crap?


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10/14/11 12:05 P


10/10/11 1:31 P

ditto what Billy says.

As for cardio, when I do start to cut the only cardio I will, as I have before, is High Intensity Interval Training. I would go to the track and sprint on the straights and recover walk on the curves circling the track about 5x's total (or 10 sprints). For a traedmill I will sprint at 7.0+ and recover walk 3.2 sprinting for 1 min and recover walk 1 min for a total of 20-25 min

That's all it takes

RSOARES Posts: 357
10/10/11 11:59 A

i like to do sprints and maybe incorporate some longer runs in my workouts when i want to cut down on fat and maintain strength. but the winter is coming and i think from now until the spring it will be strength and size for the next 6 months.

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10/10/11 11:28 A

@LARRY - "cut" means to cut calories, i.e. operate at a caloric deficit. Macronutrients are a distant second. There are no supplements that help. Take a supplement if you're not achieving your desired calorie and nutrient intake through diet.

The trick, as KJ points out, is to keep as much muscle while losing fat. Abs poke through at a very low body fat percentage. Also, like KJ, I'm having similar problems with my mid section. It's disproportionately fatty and not progressing much at all. I've gone through a couple of bulk/cut cycles and things get a little better, but I lose muscle too. Each time, I get a little bit better though. For me, it could take 10 years at this rate, or maybe never. hehe. I'll keep trying.

The problem is this, 80-90% of your p-ratio is out of your control. It's determined by genetics and short of drugs, cannot be modified. The remaining 10-20% can be modded by diet and exercise. So you'll find yourself working against mother nature a lot. This is why a well trained individual will continuously cycle for marginal gains and probably lose some ground if they stop for an extended period. The body likes to revert to the mean.

If you're not operating at a surplus or deficit, you're probably not progressing much. So I would vote to cut and see where it takes you. Make sure you're consuming somewhere around or above 1 g protein per pound to spare muscle. But you will lose muscle. No one (who doesn't take drugs) gains all muscle and loses all fat.

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10/8/11 11:11 A

Im hoping to trim down and keep the muscle. Worked out alot in my younger years and have maintained the muscle mass,currently protected by a layer of fat! lol
What do you do to cut? low carb high protein? Ive been trying to keep my protein level up cause I want to keep at least most of the "brawn". Is there a supplement you take or are you on just a straight clean diet?

N0_EQL Posts: 627
10/7/11 7:44 P

My wife says I am thick too.

Maybe that is what she means. :)

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
10/7/11 3:15 P

Well hello KJ. Sorry I can't answer your question, but I will say KUDOS on the butt shelf!! LOL!!

10/7/11 1:44 P

I am as thick as I have ever been since I started my weightloss journey some 4 years ago.

When I say thick I mean I am solid; my shoulders & traps are the most massive and hard as ever, my arms are big (mostly triceps since I wont take steroids) and my butt and legs are bulging. When I was a fat boy I had little to no butt and it was flat. Now, you can set a coke bottle on it and it wouldn't tip over......j/k but damn close. LOL!

The problem is my belly. That said, when I am more lean I can't lift as heavy but when I'm more thick, like now, I can lift significantly more. I have to "cut" sometime and am thinking by the end of October when my lifting cycle winds up, I just ought to bite the bullet and "cut".

I really like the way I look in shirts and jeans but the scale just scares the hell out of me. What would you do?

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