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12/29/12 3:28 P

No one has mentioned it....but Coach Nicole has some great BAND workouts in the Videos offered FREE here!

Posts: 6,412
12/28/12 11:49 P

I have a collection of resistance bands with handles and bars from ranging in resistance from 40 to 100 pounds. In addition I have a three band with handles set from Walmart which cost me $15.00 USD some years ago. When I travel I find that set still adequate to provide me with an excellent workout. To increase the resistance of a band simply shorten the length of your grip. The resistance of a band is a function of the force needed to double it in length.

Final note, Lifeline USA bands are sold at Sports Authority if you want to test drive bands.

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12/28/12 11:12 P

Agree with everyone else, get a set of resistance bands! I highly doubt you'd be able to find a kettlebell for less than $20 anyway. I have the Bodylastics bands and they are great. If the weight of one of them is not enough, I just clip a second band on there. If you get a cheaper set though that might not be recommended - Bodylastics has heavy duty bands and handles so it can handle the load.

Posts: 6,102
12/28/12 9:38 P

I do agree about resistance bands except you can out grow them. I have and now I use 75 lb. ones as I out grew the 25 lb. ones and the 50 lb. ones. They do give you a good workout.

Posts: 55,561
12/28/12 1:45 P

I agree with the previous poster, both about the kind of equipment you should get (resistance bands are a better investment) and the kind of exercises you should be doing.

Coach Jen

Posts: 6,412
12/28/12 11:00 A

I would suggest two things, plan to concentrate when you are doing strength training to get the maximum benefit and not injure yourself and invest in a set of resistance bands in lieu of light weight dumbbells or kettlebells. You will not out grow them and they will provide you with a wide variety of exercises you can do.

I suggest you develop a programme of full body and compound movement exercises rather than isolation exercises to gain the maximum benefit.

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12/28/12 10:02 A

I'm reasonably fit (I swim 4-5x per week) but I want to get some additional toning, particularly on my upper body and core. I want to get weights to keep by the couch so I can workout while vegging out. :)

What do you guys recommend in the kettleball/dumbell debate? I plan to do some basic arm work (curls, extensions) and seated twists. I'm looking to keep costs low (under $20 per pair/kettleball) and I'd probably get something in the 5-10lb area.

Also, what do you do about needing a variety of weights? Should I just accept the fact that I will be buying a variety of weights, or is there a good way to adjust?


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