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7/21/12 8:09 A

tried 2 ways, one boiled with a bay leaf and a lemon half and one roasted with garlic and lemon and wrapped in foil in the oven, both were nice, was a bit stumped at first with the leaves, surely people dont eat them, until I realised you said just the tip, and a tiny tip it was, I just binned devoured the hearts tho, lovely.

A lot of work for such a small heart tho..

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7/19/12 1:38 P

I love artichokes
I trim the leaves a bit and then boil them until they're tender. You eat the leaves too, but only the tender tip of the leaf, when you get down to the heart scrape out the fuzzy stuff first before you eat the heart.

Better yet...i would suggest going to you tube and watching some artichoke videos on how to cook and eat them. That's what I do when I'm unsure of something.


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BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
7/19/12 3:58 A


Does anyone have any nice easy artichoke recipes, I've got 4 and although have eaten the hearts before, I've never prepared or cooked them, got the basic idea from the internet, but see some people cook with the leaves on..

Also whats the best way to cook them..Surprisingly couldnt find any recipes on here

any tried and tested suggestions would be great

Remember that no food tastes as good as being slim feels.

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