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Yes, I have RA

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8/22/12 8:29 P

My Doctor suggested swimming..and walking. those are the only 2 i am able to do, plus some light weight training. I have NO pain in the water, even though i need heavy duty pain meds to get through the day. If i could i would LIVE in the water!!!
Hope this helps a little..OH!! and the more i walk the less i hurt....seriously.

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8/22/12 3:44 P


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8/22/12 10:36 A

Be sure to check out the Osteoarthritis Condition Center for helpful articles of information and suggestions to help you meet your goals while coping with arthritis.

You might also find helpful adaptive workout ideas in our Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center

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8/22/12 9:46 A

What is the best exercise for osteo & rheumatoid arthritis? In so much pain, but need to exercise.

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