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Arrrghh!!! My belly rolll is just getting bigger &

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2/4/12 7:47 A

I don't think medical issues should be left in the hands of pseudo internet doctors. Please speak to your Nephrologist about this issue.

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2/4/12 1:40 A

Yes Eowyn I do think it is your dialysis- when the kidneys don't work- there is a very strict fluid consumption allowance that can't be passed via going to the toilet- if you have more than 3 ltrs of fluids in the body between dialysis it puts stress on the rest of the body mostly the heart.. Think about it no kidney function all that fluid just sits there between dialysis- you have to start looking efter yourself better and avoid old and bad eatig habits that can make you more ill than you are..
You also have to work with a dietitian on the nutrition aspect to avoid gaining weight- most people answering your questions are unaware you have very serious health issues.. Please seek professional help!

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2/4/12 12:45 A

BIGGER!!! I'm going crazy!!!!! I'm only like 57kgs and 4 feet 11. I'm close to a normal BMI but just a little overweight, but why does my belly roll seem to be getting bigger?!

Btw, I'm a dialysis patient, do you think it's just water retention? But I'm sure that there is excess fat too!?


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