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5/21/13 12:07 P

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I was referring to the Advocare plan!

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5/21/13 12:03 P

The Sparkpeople plan does not include a "cleanse phase", so I'm afraid I don't know what exactly you mean by that. Cleanses and detoxes don't work, so there's no need to fool with diets that endorse them (beyond of course the sort of "cleanse" that involves just eating healthy foods instead of processed ones, but that's not what a "cleanse" generally means.)

Complex carbs like high-quality whole grain bread are absolutely okay, and a healthy part of a balanced diet. Enjoy them!

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5/21/13 11:00 A

Hello Everyone!

Day 2 of the cleanse phase over here and already feeling great. Quick question: I am a 21 year old male who is an active athlete. My purpose for doing the challenge is to lose the last five or ten pounds so that my six pack will become more defined (healthy diet for 10 months and I lost 35 pounds so far). I know that the cleanse phase states that wheat products are not recommended; however, as an athlete, I feel I need those carbs for energy. I eat high-quality bread known as Arnold Health Nut bread. For two slices, it's 240 calories, 54 grams of carbs, 4g of fiber, and no fat. All ingredients are natural ( one loaf costs a pretty penny) and it's one of the best breads on the market. Is this really going to be a hindrance on my cleanse? I still felt amazing waking up this morning, even when I had two slocea toasted for breakfast yesterday. I pair it up with egg whites and an apple for breakfast.

Obviously I'm still a newbie and am open to all feedback on this question. Thank you so much in advance for your help; happy losing!

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