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Arghhhh! Cellulite !!!

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6/14/13 6:37 P

Being thin doesn't necessarily mean no cellulite. People who have never been obese have cellulite. It isn't the most attractive thing (at least it is made to thought of as ugly in our society), but it isn't a marker of whether a person is healthy or not. I would rather be healthy have some cellulite. :)

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6/14/13 7:15 A

Hawtlikeme- what can I say? I take my hat off to u for being a great inspiration! Ur honesty has woken me up to realize that cellulite isn't the end of the world! I need this to be healthy and keep up with kids etc
Slimmer kiwi - kris :) thank u very much also for great inspiration, I guess I need to work on fitness and health and not worry much about being a slim runway model lol
Thank u also to everyone that's replied I really do appreciate all ur advice and time spent to help :-)

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6/14/13 6:49 A

This journey isn't about whether we have cellulite or loose skin or not - it is about becoming healthy.

When we are overweight we put a huge strain on our joints, our spine, our heart, and our other organs. We run the risk of Diabetes, if we don't already have it, and strokes. We run the increased risk of injuries. Even losing a little bit of weight helps to reduce those risks - losing enough to get pretty close to a so-called 'healthy' weight, considerably reduces the risks. My increased weight was aggravating severe pain from arthritis of the spine, and scoliosis. Since I have lost the weight, altho' I still have pain, mostly isn't as bad, and nor is it as often.

As far as loose skin, etc. is concerned, I only have it on my abdomen (but not bad) but it doesn't worry me. I wear a light body-control undergarment when I go out so that my shape is improved. No-body has a clue unless I chose to share it with them.

To help avoid saggy skin you are best to lose weight slowly (it took me 16 months to lose the first 50lb) and to get in some good exercise, including strength-training. That way you are developing your muscle at the same time you are ditching the fat.


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6/13/13 9:53 A

Wow, HAWTLIKEME that was so well put I'm not sure more needs said! I feel more motivated now than ever!!!! Thanks for your brutal honesty and for sharing your experience.

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6/13/13 9:32 A

I'm looking at your weight tracker and mine and seeing some similarity there, so I feel that I have a responsibility to be completely honest with you.

All one has to do is looik at my user name to figure out that a large part of my motivation to lose the weight had to do with my appearance. Yes, I did want to lose the weight and be the hottie I had dreamed of being for years. However, thankfully, this was not the only factor that played into my descision to make huge life changes. I had taken a good look at myself and my life and although I did like myself and my life, I knew that it could be infinitely better with better health, nutrition and fitness.

Here comes the brutal honesty part. For me, anyway, reaching my ever changing weight loss goals has been pretty anti-climactic for me. Each time I hit a target weight that I thought was the magic number, I continue to be disappointed that I don't look like the image I had in my mind when starting all of this. I am at 146 pounds at 5'7" and am pleased with my strength and fitness levels even as I continue to try and improve upon them, but even as I see muscles emerging and lean limbs and even through my torso in the back, I continue to struggle with a stomach full of cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin and yes, fat. It just hangs there. So unnattactive and maybe even more so when compared to the rest of my lean body. We are all built differently and we all lose the last of our fat from somewhere that none of us like and yes, when we lose 80 or more pounds, sometimes the skin doesn't catch up.

But TBH, I try really hard not to focus too much on that part. I keep eating as well as I can, tracking my food, staying within my calorie range and changing up my strength and cardio routines in an effort to rid myself of this last evidence of the abuse I put my body through for years. The reason that I started and the reason that I will NOT GIVE UP is that I am 45 next week and have perfect blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol and many other health benchmarks. I feel energetic, happy, healthy and vibrant. My sex life is phenominal compared to before and I find that just the whole world feels ilke a different place. I can keep up with DH on the bike, I can run with my kids and I feel like, if I wanted to, there is nothing that I couldn't do with practice and effort. The confidence that comes with just feeling good and conquering the addictuion that I had with processed foods and feeling in control of what I eat and my life in general cannot compare with the occasional smile that a nice bikini would put on my face. I look good. I feel good. Ok, so I may never be able to feel like a Victoria's Secret model, but I know that all of the improvements I have made have enhanced my life and the lives of those around me more than being anyone's idea of beauty.

Be your own idea of beauty. Put those images of what you think you should look like out of your head. (I"m talking to myself just as much here). Imagine just having more energy, feeling better and looking YOUR best, whatever that may be and just know that any improvements that you make at this point, you will not regret.

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6/13/13 8:26 A

Cellutlite is tough. Extra skin can tighten up to a point. A lot of mom's have skin tighten up after a child (sometimes it doesn't) and if it doesn't, then surgery is an option. As for cellutlite, working out can help diminish extra fat, but sometimes the only options are creams and stuff. They do work. If you get your body fat low, you could still have some cellulite, so check out various remedies. Some do work.

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6/13/13 8:17 A

I look in the mirror and think, why would I lose weight if I'm going to not look good both ways! Fat is horrible and cellulite is also horrible! So even if I lost the weight ill be left with extra skin, cellulite etc! Would love some opinions here thanks

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